Kelimutu (5)

Kelimutu Lakes – World’s Surreal Lakes

Crater lakes hide special magic, mystery and uniqueness. Can be created as a result of volcanic activity, meteor drop or explosion. Once the crater is formed, rain, runoff, groundwater circulation or melted ice filled crater with water,… Read More


Hverir, Geothermal Region, North East Iceland (2)

Take a Hot Bath in the Pools of Hverir

Hverir is a geothermal field and is one of the most surreal places from all over the world. It is situated east of Reykjahlid, Iceland. The territory is decently dynamic, with mud-pots and sulfurous puddles foaming and steaming… Read More


Shkodra Lake, Montenegro

Balkans Heaven is Located on Lake Skadar

Montenegro can praise for having the biggest lake in Balkans. Located in between Podgorica and Bar, Lake Skadar has area of 40,000 hectare. This natural treasure, that has status of national park, beside Montenegro it is… Read More

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