Crimea – An Unusual Summer Destination

If you are boring of standard holiday destinations and everything else offered by tourist agencies, also has sufficient financial resources and a desire for adventure, we will present an unusual place to go. We are talking… Read More

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Top 3 Beaches With Black Sand

1. Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland Vík í Mýrdal is the name of the village which is located on the southern part of Iceland. It is best known for its beautiful black beach. Although the village counted… Read More



Visit the Catalan Oasis Lloret de Mar

Spain annually attracts about 50 million visitors and has the third largest budget in the world for the promotion of tourism. Brand destination is very distinctive, special and unique. Spain represents the master of ocean infinity… Read More

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Niihau Island – Place Where Time Stops

Unreachable somehow always is the most attractive. We have similar situation with some interesting and beautiful places which are forbidden to the public, so they become more desired. Vacation in Hawaii appears as an exclusive holiday… Read More

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