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Elephant family passing through

A Guide To Family Safari

Whatever has sparked your interest in taking your family on safari, one thing that is certain is that a little planning goes a long way to ensuring that everyone has a great time and that wonderful… Read More


Colourful set at the Tropicana, Havana, Cuba

Cuba and All its Charm

Thanks to its picturesque tropical landscapes, friendly and cheerful Latin mentality and tremendous cultural and historical heritage, Cuba became a pleasant shelter for dozens of adventurists, artists and travellers since old times. Anyone who had ever… Read More



Iceland on Screen

I’m sure you’re aware of how popular Iceland has become as a tourist destination (it is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to! Lounging in a geothermal river up a mountain as sheep wander past… Read More

Top Places

Krk Island, Croatia

Perfect Sailing Getaways

Holiday season is just around the corner and that old yacht is just longing to get back on the seaside. There is nothing more special than sailing on the open sea, swimming in the azure sea… Read More


Voodoo Fest 2008, New Orleans

2015’s Best Festivals in New Orleans

Festivals. We take months planning them, marking them with little hearts and stars in our calendars, mapping the routes out on our smartphones, and buying new outfits to flaunt. They give us pre-roller coaster jitters and… Read More

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