National Curriculum Changes: Languages

The National Curriculum was put into place in 1988 to ensure each student received a certain standard of education across various subjects. Designed to outline a clear structure on how children should be taught, a number… Read More



The Quick and Easy Guide to Emigrating

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful things a person will experience in their lifetime, and moving overseas is even more complicated. This infographic covers the emigration process from start to finish… Read More


BOXPARK Shoreditch

Shop your heart at the BOXPARK mall

Shopping- The word itself brings a smile on everybody’s face. You get to know what the trends in the market are and you also can buy whatever you want to, widening your collection. Or at times… Read More


London Tower hill

The Incredible Tower of London

Of the many historic attractions in London one of its most popular is the famous Tower of London, which is known to house the crown jewels of the country, besides having served a variety of purposes… Read More

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