10 Reasons why you should eat Tangerines!

Tangerines are a part of the Mandarin family, but these are a little reddish in colour. This small delightful fruit is packed with the goodness of nutrients! If you don’t have tangerines in your fruit baskets till now, then you must add it. Besides being a rich source of vitamin C, it also contains tons of beta-carotene and folate. Want to find out all the health benefits of tangerines, keep on reading…

  • Since tangerines are rich in antioxidants, they prevent inflammation and provide all the necessary vitamins to the body. They are also known to keep away any free radicals from the body that cause oxidation reactions. This can prevent cancer and tumour formation in the body.
  • Tangerines are known for having unique medicinal effects, which can fight skin infections. They are also highly used in medical treatments for any kind of skin diseases.


  • If you suffer from arthritis, then you should start having tangerines on a regular basis.
  • Do you lack iron in your body? Well, have a tangerine every day for breakfast and see the difference. This fruit helps in absorbing iron from any food easily, which makes it great for people who suffer from iron deficiency.


  • This wonder fruit has fibre, hemicellulose and pectin, which restrict any bad cholesterol from settling in the gut. This fruit can actually keep you away from obesity!
  • Since this fruit is high in fibre, you can improve your bowel movements with the help of it. If you have indigestion, acidity or gas issues, then you should have this fruit daily without fail. You can make a big change in your system with the help of this little fruit.


  • Want to delay the sign of ageing? Well, have tangerines! If you eat and apply tangerine directly to the skin, you can keep pimples, acne, blemishes, wrinkles plus several other issues at bay. This fruit is packed with vitamin A, which heals skin damages, tanning and many other problems. You can just add this fruit to your face pack and apply it to get instantly bright plus rejuvenated skin.


  • The vitamin C and other antioxidants present in Tangerines make it a great for our skin health. You can prevent skin cancer, slow the process of aging and also improve the texture of your skin quickly. Drink fresh tangerine juice every day for breakfast and apply it to the skin to see a change in just few weeks.
  • Do you want to brighten your skin? You can include this fruit as a part of your day to day skin care to see major changes.
  • Other than being wonderful for the health and skin, tangerines are great for the hair too. They maintain the strength of the hair and keep it away from breaking. You can also add a few drops of tangerine to the shampoo or your hair mask to remove dandruff flakes from the hair.


So, start consuming tangerines to improve your overall health. Don’t forget to include tangerines when giving fruit gift baskets to loved ones.

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