10 Unique and Stunning DIY Stepping Stone Ideas

It is time to add a new detail in your garden. Have you ever thought of some stepping stones? Well the stepping stone is a interesting detail in your garden and also a practical one. If you have a stepping stone, you will never have to step on the grass. Also in the rainy days you will be clear to walk through your garden. From the other side, the look of your garden will be changed with just one beautiful stepping stone. This will be a great decoration for your friends to admire your yard even more. To add some stepping stones in your yard you don’t need to have a great budget ether. Here are some great diy ideas and tutorials how to do that.

Some of the stepping stones can be painted, others can be decorated with some broken ceramics. It is also a great idea to play with some stones or even old and broken toys. Take a look at those ideas and get ready to amplify your yard.

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stepping 1

Source: www.thechildspaper.com

stepping 2

Full Tutorial: www.hometalk.com

stepping 3

Source: bluepueblo.tumblr.com

stepping 4

Full Tutorial: www.hgtv.com

stepping 5

Source: www.flickr.com

stepping 6

Source: jeffreygardens.blogspot.ca

stepping 7

Full Tutorial: gardentherapy.ca

stepping 8

Full Tutorial: www.oregonlive.com

stepping 9

Full Tutorial: www.intimateweddings.com

stepping 10

Source: cutediypins.com

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