4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look More High-End Without a Complete Remodel

You do not have to break the bank to add an elegant touch to your kitchen. Changing up the vibe is as simple as redecorating your space. The smallest change can give your kitchen the extravagant look you want to achieve. You can save time and money by coming up with ideas that do not require any construction. Use the following ideas to give your kitchen an upscale look without a complete remodel.

Decorate by Hanging up Artwork

There is nothing like a little artwork to transform your kitchen from ordinary to sophisticated. You can keep it simple or go bold with your artwork. One idea is to print and frame the landscape you captured during your last outing, or you can order a painting from your favorite artist. Use wooden signs to add a warm but elegant touch to your space. You can even hang a framed mirror to reflect light and make your kitchen feel bigger.

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Turn Your Cookware into Decor

Another idea is to decorate by hanging up fancy cookware, such as a Brooklyn copper saucepan or French copper colander. You can find self-adhesive rods to hang your pots and pans without damaging the walls. Use your wall to create a backdrop that causes the cookware to stand out. Imagine your copper cookware hanging in front of a white or navy blue wall. You are creating a focal point that catches the eye of anyone who enters your kitchen.

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Upgrade Your Breakfast Nook

Upgrading your breakfast nook is a great way to give your kitchen an elegant vibe. Start by dressing your bench with cushions and throw pillows in a lovely color scheme, such as blue cushions with white and blue throw pillows. You can also add a centerpiece of fresh fruit in a decorative bowl. Freshen up your space with a bouquet of flowers that match your cushions and pillows or the fruit centerpiece.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is something about a lighter color scheme that makes your space look classy. It reflects the light to make the space feel bigger and more open, and it hides the scratches, dents and other signs of wear in your cabinetry. One idea is to paint your kitchen in a white and blue color scheme. If painting is not an option, you can change the color scheme with wall art or removable wallpaper.

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Creating an elegant vibe does not mean going broke on a huge remodel. The right colors and accessories can create an upscale look in your kitchen.

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