5 Inexpensive Techniques to Blow Balloons for Parties

Balloon are a perfect choice for any party to decorate it. However, the real pain is to blow all those balloons.  To blow balloons there are two ways, either you blow it yourself or to pay and get it blow by other. However, if you are having a grand celebration and have more amount of  balloons to blow, then it might cost you more.

Blowing balloons with your mouth is just impossible for any party when you have a big hall.  So at such times, these are tricks that can ease your task.

Blowing Up A Balloon With Vinegar And Soda

You need  some baking soda, vinegar, plastic  bottle, balloons and  funnels.Start with vinegar, pour it in the bottle with the help of Funnel.  Fill 1/3 of the bottle with vinegar.  Now take another funnel which is dry and not used.  Pour baking powder into your balloon only 1/2 way.  Now here comes the interesting part, cover bottle with balloon on the top. While doing this, don’t let baking soda spill out of the balloon into the bottle.  When you are done with it, lift the balloon up and let the baking soda spill into the bottle. Make a beautiful balloon gift for your loved ones with this idea.

Blowing Up A Balloon With Dry Ice

Blow balloon and tie it off so that there is no leakage of air out. Tie the lid of the plastic soft drink bottle. Drop in some pellets of dry ice into the plastic bottle.Now fit balloon over the plastic bottle top. Now the bottle will begin to inflate as the dry ice sublimes. Once the bottle is full tie it off and then no carbon dioxide leaks out. A balloon filled with this carbon dioxide, drops faster than as compare to the natural one. You can create your own balloon bouquets out of it.

Blowing Up A Balloon With Yeast

Take 16 Oz bottle, water, yeast, Sugar and balloon. To start with, fill bottle with warm water up to one inch. Add the yeast packet to the water. Now shake the bottle gently, the yeast becomes active in the water and starts to react. Now add 1tsp of sugar to the bottle and set it aside. Place the balloon on the neck of bottle by opening its mouth with two fingers. Keep a bottle in the warm place for more than 20 minutes. Watch out  for the magic when it will start inflating after 20 minutes.

Blowing Up A Balloon Inside The Bottle

For this tricky idea, all you need is 2 liter bottle and balloons.

To start with, the insert balloon inside the bottle, but don’t let it go down. Push inside its body and keep the mouth of the balloon handy upright. Stretch the neck of the balloon through bottle opening and blow the balloon. However, this won’t blow air into the balloon. So simply pin hole at the bottom of the bottle. Make the hole larger and then start blowing balloons. It will work!

Blowing Up A Balloon With Your Lungs

Blowing up balloons with your lungs, is not a big task to learn. Stretch the balloons from tip to bottom and then blow air through your mouth  into the balloons. By stretching the balloon, it becomes easier to blow air into the balloon easily and makes easier to blow faster. This one is the regular method you do to blow up the balloon. With these interesting and fun techniques, create your own balloon arrangement.  Gift it to your loved ones and make it a surprise appearance to them on their special day. This also makes an inexpensive technique to blow balloons.

With These inexpensive ideas to blow balloons, you can surely save the cost. These processes might take longer time to finish up, but definitely saves your pocket. So start a bit earlier than the vent time and you can finish up everything on time. Create your own balloon bouquet.

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