9 Photos of the Oldest Trees on the Planet, Older Than the Pyramids in Egypt

Pine “Great Basin Bristlecone” grew up at a time when the Great Pyramid was built in Egypt, when Syrians with cuneiform have written on clay tablets, when Europeans possessed only stone axes … Therefore, these trees are the oldest in the world. On top of the White Mountains in California Inyo National Park, grow pine “Great Basin Bristlecone”, governing the oldest living trees in the world. They are old between five thousand and thousands of years, and their roots they have grown in soil that is uncomfortable for all other plants except for the pines.

In fact, neither these pines do not grow in this country, but over the millennia they have adapted. The oldest specimens found in the mountains of eastern California, Nevada and Utah, but can be found in Colorado, Mexico and Arizona.The trees grow to a height of three kilometers, and their age is difficult to assess because of the huge number on to closely arranged rings. Pine, thanks to the dry climate in which growth can remain intact for thousands of years and, even if it knocked down on the ground.


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