Cancun – Best Summer Destination

Cancun is one of the most popular attraction not only in Mexico but in the world, and its popularity is growing year by year. Different from everything else you’ve had a chance to see starting from location and natural environment through extremely diverse tourist offer the intertwining of traditional and contemporary beauty, sounds, colors, smells and tastes. Annually visited by about three million people.

The most famous beaches are: Dolphin Beach, the whales, Chuck Beach Mall, Karakol at the east, known for big waves, ideal for water sports. The most popular beaces at north are: beach turtle, lobster, beautiful beach and beach of pearls.

Northeast of the resort, about 20 minutes ride by boat, lies Isla muheres (Island of Women) – a great hotel zone.

In Cancun, at the center of the resort is located Aquarium, where you can swim with dolphins and watch their stunts. Fans of riding horses can rent horses for riding on the beach and jungle, while divers can try scuba diving in underwater caves that abound
in this region.

Of course, the night life is an integral part here, tourists totally detach the actual spectacles taking place in nightclubs and discos. Here the fun never stops dancing on tables and bars. Below you can see amazing photos of Cancun, that will gonna make you to spent your summer vacation there.

Image by Dysanovic via Flickr

Image by Tamer B Shabaneh via Flickr

Image by Dan Zelazo via Flickr

Image by jeff91764 via Flickr

Image by Jeremy T. Hetzel via Flickr

Image by BORIS G via Flickr

Image by Neil Cornwall via Flickr

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