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Ka'anapali Beach, Maui, Hawaii1

Top 5 Hawaii Beaches to Explore

Hawaii is known for its beaches. The beaches of Hawaii attract millions of tourists annually to the country because they are naturally adorned and give the perfect environment of life just next to the ocean. The… Read More


Mount Bromo, Java

A Journey Across the only Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago containing 13466 islands. It is the world’s forth most populated country with more than 245 million people and counting. It runs through the equator for 500 km. A place with so many… Read More


Waitomo Glowworm – Fairly tale cave

Earth is a huge hideout of countless secrets. Every day around the world reveal a variety of places, resolved long unclear mysteries and see the strangest things. The man is daily exposed to the most interesting… Read More


30 Quirky Facts About New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is unique in every single way. It is position on the earth, it is native people, Maori, the native name Aotearoa and much more. The landscapes that it provides are breathtaking,… Read More


10 Amazing Hawaii Beaches

Hawaii, name that is connected with good summer experience. All that is because of the beautiful Hawaii beaches. We can say that the world is big, but there are no other beaches as Hawaii beaches. Some… Read More


Spend Your Summer Vacation in Tahiti

Tahiti, officially known as French Polynesia, and is composed of 118 islands. The island consists of two circular pieces that are joined by a peninsula, and for both interesting works that have volcanic origin. Their names… Read More

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