Cheapest, But the Most Exotic Destination – Republic of Honduras

Exotic destinations are the best and the most interesting when you want to travel. Do you need place which is really romantic and almost hidden from the world? Indeed there are places where you can enjoy their wild beauty with all the senses. So, if you have the opportunity or desire to explore the country that is changing too quickly, go to Honduras.

Very few people are familiar with the fact that Honduras is one of the cheapest and most exotic destinations in the world. If you have chance go there and see something new.

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The Republic of Honduras is located in Central America. Precisely, is situated in the widest part of the median American isthmus, on the north side of the Caribbean Sea and on the south coast of the Pacific shorter. This beautiful country has been under the authority of Spain, then by the US, and in 1840 with the disintegration of Union, Honduras became an independent state. Honduras in Spanish means “depths”. This is a country that is rich with tropical forests and coral reefs, but has been one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America. Today Honduras is going through major economic changes. The economy has experienced expansion due to increased tourism.

Image by Daniel Mennerich via Flickr

Image by Daniel Mennerich via Flickr

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Lately is a worldwide hit among travellers and especially popular is the golf tourism. Indura beach and golf courses are currently the most luxurious resorts in Honduras. That paradise is stretching on 26 acres, has 18 holes of golf, a hotel with 60 rooms, 83 independent apartments, as well as spa and wellness section. Gulf islands, located near the northern coast of Honduras have many natural resources, such as biosphere reserves, national parks, wildlife habitats, and beautiful beaches which offer the opportunity for water sports. Also, the National Park Jeannette Kawas and Lake Lago de Yojoa are natural beauties where you can enjoy. The beaches are white and gorgeous. There is the second largest barrier reef in the world. People and local residences are extremely pleasant so that your trip here will be a real pleasure.

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