Colourful Houses With Floral Motives In Zalipie Village

Zalipie village, located in the southeastern part of Poland is a wonderful place. People who lived there have an unusual charming tradition – painting and drawing their little houses. These small cute houses are located in the place called Dabrowa. The village is like a fairytale and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the country.

The beauty of things is their imperfection. Although these are not the most talented painters, still the love that they have invested in their work, reflect excellence.

The beauty of this place comes from the artwork or drawings with which is painted the entire village. This unusual thing has been started by locals and hundred years till now the tradition continued. The more than a century, women in the village Zalipie started to paint the walls of their homes, but they do not do that in one colour, as was expected in a conservative society. These brave women have created masterpieces with a full range of shades and colours that eventually made the village to “flourish” in their own way. What is interesting is the fact that no one is quite sure who and when started the tradition. But, it occurred at the time when the villagers started to heat the houses with the ovens and women began to paint the traces of smoke in order to hide.

With a strong wish their homes to be flawless ahead of feasts women continued to draw the walls of their houses with various motifs and flowers. Now, although of the modernization of household appliances and better ventilation, this “make-up” for homes becomes unnecessary. Tradition still continued to cherish and motives become more complicated. Residents now painted not only the walls of the houses, but basements, bridges, trees, wells, little houses for dogs and what not.

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