Considering a Move Abroad: Top Five Things to Think About

Many people have lifetime aspirations of moving abroad and starting a new life in a new location. For most, it isn’t as simple as packing a bag, grabbing their passport and jetting off to pastures new though. There are many things to consider and we are sharing our top five with you.

Family ties

Perhaps you are young and your parents are middle-aged and willing to travel in order to visit you. Alternatively, maybe you are near retirement age yourself, no longer have older living relatives, and your offspring have all flown the nest. In these cases, it may be an easier decision to make. However, if you have grandchildren or you have elderly parents, choosing to move to another country will severely limit the time you have to spend with them. Of course, you could always try to convince them to move abroad too.


Jumping ship from one country to another can be challenging in terms of finding a property that meets your expectations. Perhaps, you could trial time in your new environment by finding a rental property first. This will allow you to discover the precise area in which you’d like to buy a home and settle. Buying a new house is a huge decision to make. Taking your time is advised. Be sure to consult an English-speaking professional when it comes to agreeing a purchase on a house and be sure to take legal advice too.


If you are still needing to work, you’ll need to do plenty of research. Is there a market for your current role over in your new country or will you have to seek alternative employment using your transferable skills? Perhaps, you are hoping to establish a new business. In all cases, it is vital to research everything fully. If creating your own company, check out existing businesses within the industry.


There are huge differences in the way different countries work financially. It is always worth checking out exactly what you’ll be expected to pay, to whom and how often. For example, immigrating to France would present you with an entirely different financial picture to Australia. Depending on your nationality and where you’ve moved to, as well as your age and intentions for working, you may struggle to pay into a pension or find financial help if you fall on tough times. Make sure that you are financially secure with a large amount to fall back on before making such a huge leap.

Cultural differences

A large number of people share the assumption that ‘everyone speaks English’ and so, as someone with English as our mother tongue, we would get by anywhere. To a degree, that attitude is understandable. However, in order to truly settle into the place to which you have chosen to move, it is imperative to make an effort to learn their language. It also makes you appear less arrogant. Additionally, there may be many cultures and traditions, which are commonplace. It is important to learn about them and accept that your way of life is not the only one.

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