Corfu Island – Unique Combination of Climate, Color and History

Greece offering islands whose beauty was the inspiration for many myths and legends to tourists from around the world. Beautiful nature, greenery, amazing beaches, past and future, all of that intertwined, give special beauty of the Greek islands. Each one is beautiful in own way. Some islands are peaceful and quiet, some are wild, but all of them offering amazing beaches with beautiful turquoise water, archaeological sites, beautiful nature and gastronomic specialties to remember.

The island is fabulous, cheerful and warm. A gainful recommendation to future travelers in Corfu is to travel by car, so to be able to see every corner of the island.

Cape Drastis

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One of them is beautiful island in the Ionian Sea – Corfu. It is the second largest island after Kefalonia. According to connoisseurs Corfu is the most brilliant not only in Greek waters, but also in the Mediterranean. It is known like “Green Island” because of the exuberance of Mediterranean vegetation and by the color of the sea it is called “Emerald Island”. This place has unique combination of climate, color and history. As an example of a multicultural environment, Corfu is connected to the history of Greece from the beginning of Greek mythology. History of the island is filled with battles and invasions.

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Agios Stefanos

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Old Town Kerkyra

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The legacy of these struggles is visible in the form of castles and other monuments spread throughout the island. Since 2007, the old town is under the protection of UNESCO. There are many places that you have to see if you decided to travel to Corfu. Palaiokastritsa is one perfect beach with crystal turquoise sea and small stones. Sidari is place where is located the Valentine channel. Agios Gordios is a quiet beach where you can relax and enjoy. Also, Corfu as old cultural center is rich with museums and libraries with many items and artifacts. Here grow many types of fruits and vegetables and the island abounds with beautiful plantation of vines.

Image by Claudia Schulte via Flickr

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