Dehiwala Mount Lavinia Beach To Visit In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pristine island located in the Indian Ocean. An island that boasts of beautiful beaches, this destination has a lot to offer to willing visitors and tourists. With a rich culture that comes with warm people, this exotic location has emerged to be among the world’s famous tourist hotspots. The ambience and warm climate is what makes this place leave a memorable experience in your visit. Due to the number of locations and things to do, many visitors are often spoilt for choice regarding what to do. If you do not have your itinerary ready, you may leave this location frustrated because of failing to make the most of your experience. If you are visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, then make sure that Dehiwala Mount Lavinia is at the top of your list. If this is not your first visit, you have all the reasons why this location always beckons you to visit again. Dehiwala is a coastal town that is located south of Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital. With a myriad of developments, this beach town is coming up as a major tourist hotspot. Mount Lavinia offers you many things to do in one location. Ranging from sightseeing to sea diving, all you need to do is include some of the following activities into your itinerary.


There are many sightseeing opportunities in this beach resort. If you are a lover of nature and wildlife, then you cannot fail to take the rare chance to see some of the most interesting animals in the world. With prior booking in some of the local tour agencies, you will get a chance to encounter and interact with nature at its best.

Panadura Beach

Image by Rasika Kumudu via Flickr

Beaching experience

This is just the place to go for a beaching experience. Mount Lavinia beach offers pristine waters that are great for a swim as well as an evening stroll for those who love to take a stroll. The warm climate and the cool ocean breeze is just the best for a great relaxation.

Mount lavinia Beach

Image by Viraj Anusha Kannangara via Flickr

Mount Lavinia Hotel

Image by Indi Samarajiva via Flickr

Sports and leisure

There are a number of water sporting activities that will add verve to your entire experience. Diving is one of the water sporting activities that make this region to be all inviting. If you have never dived, then you will get a chance to learn it from Colombo divers. In addition to diving, you also get a chance to get the best of skiing and surfing..

Mount Lavinia Hotel

Image by ultraBobban via Flickr

The Talangama Wetland Park

This is an urban oasis that is a perfect location to spend your afternoon. This region enjoys a wide diversity of different bird species, butterflies, and rare mammals. All you need to carry is your camera to capture those rare to find species and the beautiful panoramic scenes.

Talangama Wetlands

Image by Dhammika Heenpella via Flickr

The shopping experience

As a burgeoning economy, your shopping needs will also be met. With a shopping centre around, you get a chance to carry mementoes to remind you of this rare gem in the Far East.


Image by Vishwa A via Flickr

Your travel plans to this panoramic location are enhanced by taking time to apply for the Sri Lanka ETA visa. This will make your overall travel experience exciting.

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