Your Guide To Enjoying One Of Florida’s Most Luxurious Islands, Marco Island

A beautiful island located in the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island is famous for its white sandy dreamy beaches and shiny blue waters. Surprisingly, this paradise is situated in Florida, which has always been a tourist hotspot in the United States. It is a short drive from Naples and the Florida Everglades and is a part of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands.

Best Time to Visit Marco Island

So, when should you plan your visit? Here are some ideas.

1. Spring

Springtime is the best time to visit Marco Island. The temperature is in the lovely 70s, the sun is bright yet pleasant, and everything around looks perfectly colored. However, during this time, it is very crowded, and the cost of stay is high as well.

2. Summer

Marco Island gets very humid during the summer season. The temperature reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and there’s a lot of intermittent rain. If these things don’t bother you, then there’s nothing else stopping you because the hotel and rental car rates are cheap.

3. Fall

With the prices still low and pleasant weather, fall is another wonderful season to visit Marco Island. You can visit before Thanksgiving with your children before they begin school again.

4. Winter

Marco Island doesn’t get too cold during the winters and therefore, is a popular tourist location. It gets just as crowded as during the summer, and the prices are back up high.

Traveling to Marco Island

If you want to stay in Naples or think you’d catch a bus to Marco Island, you can cross that one off your list. You need a car, or at least a bike to get there. There are only two real ways you can travel to Marco Island:

1. Car

Driving your car to Marco Island is the best way to travel. You can go anywhere you want and stop anywhere you want without requiring to be on a schedule. You’ll also find a lot of taxi services in Marco Island. Because of the high competition among different companies, taxi services are very reasonable. Of course, Uber and Lyft are prevalent here as well.

2. Bike

One of the attractions of Marco Island is it’s many bikeways that you navigate the island without a car. Many will fly in, take a taxi/uber/lyft to the island and rent a bike for the duration.

Where to Stay In Marco Island?

Marco Island has some of the best hotels that offer picturesque views of the gulf. With the Marco Island real estate industry blooming, there has been an increase in aesthetically styled Airbnb that are located at a walking distance from the beaches. They are a lot cheaper than hotels. Also, you get more space.

If you are traveling with friends and family, renting a bungalow or beachside villa is the best option. If you are low on budget, there are some pocket-friendly stay options located within walking distance of the beaches as well.

Places to visit in Marco Island

  1. Little Bar Restaurant – One of the oldest restaurants in Marco Island, Little Bar Restaurant is located on 205 Harbor Drive in Goodland. They serve the best key lime pie you’ll ever eat.
  2. Marco Prime Steaks & Seafood – If you love steak, Marco Prime Steaks & Seafood is the place to go. It is situated on 599 S Collier Boulevard.
  3. Snook Inn – Also known as Marco Island Classic, your visit to the island is incomplete without visiting the Snook Inn. It is a nice place to dine with family, especially children. They serve some really good Calamari, Shrimp Denny, and their special Wayne’s Virginia Crab Cakes.
  4. The Farmer’s Market – A major attraction for all tourists, The Farmer’s Market brings out all local artisans of Marco Island. It is located at 901 Park Avenue and offers a lot of healthy home cooked options and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Things to do in Marco Island

There’s something for everyone on Marco Island. Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can do during your vacation.

1. Watersports

There are an unlimited number of watersports from deep sea diving and parasailing to paddle boating and recreational fishing you can do at Marco Island. You get to see the beautiful aquatic creatures in the gulf, which is a once in a lifetime experience you shouldn’t miss.

2. Boat Rides

If you are afraid of diving into the water, you can simply take a boat ride Plan a day of boat rides, where you go from one place to another. Pack some sandwiches, beers, and candies and relax. Most residents of Marco Island actually go to the local island beaches nearby to hang out and leave the tourist to the main beaches!

3. Sunsets

Sunsets are the most beautiful in Marco Island. There are people who will tell you they visit Marco Island exclusively for the sunset. The skies turn into a lovely shade of pink, purple, and yellow as the sun takes a dip in the turquoise waters.

4. Chilling at the beach

The residents of Marco Island are very laid back. You’re on Island Time (except in the US!). You might not get prompt service but relax. Put on your swimwear and go to the beach for some amazing sunbathing. Eat seafood, drink sangria, and take a dip in the cool waters.

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