Go to Valletta and Feel its Beauty, Extraordinary and Charm

Summer season is in full swing, the heat and the temperatures are extremely high and therefore it is time to rest. If you are a big fan of traveling around the world, while you are also admirers of romantic places we have a suggestion for you. Have you ever been in Valletta? If you answered no, now is the right time to visit this place.

City of Valletta with its beauty, extraordinary, charm and landmarks invites tourists from all over the world. Valletta is characterized by its open, very heartfelt behavior and a relaxed attitude towards life. If you have opportunity, you should visit.

Malta’s capital, Valletta is located on a small peninsula and has a limited geographical area. Many buildings in the city date back to the 17th century and well suited for city streets that lead to the beautiful sea. Over the past few years, this city has been renovated. We can say that Valletta got architectural Botox, which is not quite liked by local people. Valletta has received the injection of contemporary architecture from Renzo Piano. The architect designed the parliament building, the laser elements on the facade and gave them an outdoor auditorium, as well as the metal skeleton above the ruins of the Opera. However, the buildings from the 17th century beautifully adorn the streets, at the end of which you can see hints of the cobalt sea.

The contrast between old and new is what made modern accessories even more interesting. But, it is true that the overall impression must be seen in live in order to be felt in the right way. Valletta is a city that is rich with museums and fantastically decorated Baroque cathedrals, which are even more beautiful inside. In the Cathedral of St. George you can see the largest painting by a famous artist Caravaggio. You must take a view at the performance in the newly open amphitheater, which like a phoenix rising from the ruins of the Opera House that was bombed during World War II.

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