Moving To Milan: Great Tips for First-Timers in Milan

Are you visiting Milan for school, work or vacation? Hop in as we take you through useful things you need to know about this old fashion city.

Bars Mean Cafes

Milan has so many Bars, and some of the best spots in Milan are Bars. When the natives talk about a Bar in Milan, they mean cafes. So don’t get confused with the two words. You can order both coffee and Alcohol from a café.

It Always Rains In Milan

The first thing to pack while coming to Milan is your raincoat or umbrella as it always rains in Milan. Ironically, it’s difficult to find a store that sells umbrella, so its best you come prepared.

English Is Not Common

Milan is no doubt one of the biggest cities in Italy with lots of foreigners, but the city is yet to adopt the English language fully. Most natives don’t speak the language, and they don’t understand it too.

Most staffs will only understand you with the help of hand gestures, so don’t be startled when no one around you understands English. You may have to brush up your Italian before you head down to Milan.

Transport Tickets in Cafes

Transportation around the city is basically by train. So you need always to buy train tickets to help you move around. You can get train tickets at cafes with a big T sign. The T in those signs represent “Tabacchi cafes” which tells you the cafes sell tickets for public transportation.

You can easily find the Tabacchi cafes in every block in the city. You can also get train tickets at magazines and newspaper stands or even at a Metro Station.

Milanese Are Not Exceptionally Fashionable

Many people think native Milanese go about dressing in high-end Italian clothes, shoes and leather jackets. This is not entirely true. Although the natives are stylish, they don’t go overboard to impress and dress to match their daily functions.

Explore Milan to Enjoy It

Many people visit Milan without actually exploring it. They end up having a poor impression of the city because they don’t know their way around the town.

You will love the city only when you explore it, and they are so many beautiful spots hidden in the town. You will find Old Italian architecture, window displays, restaurants, and relaxing cafes. Some of the best places are the Navigli, Como, Brera, and Corso.

Once you find a room for rent in Milan, settle down and slowly explore the city. You will surely have a nice time.

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