Planning the Perfect Route 66 Road Trip

A Route 66 road trip is a romanticized vacation that shows off a lot of the United States, features plenty of history and has a quintessential American feel. So how do you make sure your trip is just as iconic as the route itself? With some careful preparation you can make sure you have an amazing road trip along Route 66.

Find the Right Travel Buddies

A solo road trip just isn’t the same as traveling with a group of friends, family or your significant other. Whoever you want to join you on this trip, make sure you can handle multiple days with them with very little alone time (and in a small space). It’s helpful to travel with people who have the same taste in music as you to fill the silence as you drive, as well as people who have similar interests to you for when you pull off the road.

If you’re a history buff, for instance, you probably don’t want to make this trek with someone who only wants to check out the nightlife of different cities. You also want to make sure your travel partners are willing to take driving shifts, which means you have to feel safe with them driving. Make sure to ask yourself and your potential partners some questions before making the commitment to go with them.

Get the Right Vehicle

Another major part of any road trip is taking it in the right vehicle. You need a car that is reliable and comfortable, has enough storage space and has a good entertainment system. The Chrysler Pacifica is an example of a vehicle that gets the job done. Its third-row seating enables everyone to stretch out in the van, or it can be folded down to provide more storage space. It’s also equipped with a multimedia system to keep passengers entertained, and it has a smooth ride that will keep everyone happy. Before you hit the highway, make sure the vehicle is serviced and stocked with entertainment options, food and cleaning supplies. You never know what you might need while out on the open road.

Calculate a Budget

Everyone on the trip should create a budget before you set off on Route 66. This should start months ahead of time so you can save enough money to do everything you want. Use an app like Mint to stick to a budget before you go, or set another one for while you’re on the trip. There also are apps that will round up your purchases made through debit and credit cards and put that change in a fund. Try Digit to get your travel fund started with minimal effort. Beyond food, gas and accommodations, remember to also plan for unexpected expenses, such as breakdowns or other emergencies.

Road trips are fun and unforgettable experiences if they are done well. Before you plan out your route and all the fun things you want to do, take time to make sure you’re making the trip with the right people, in the right vehicle and with enough cash in your pocket.

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