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Summer is near, the period when all of us thinking where to take a break from the hardworking year. If your idea is to spend your time with your partner enjoying on paradise beaches during sunset, drinking some wine on the balcony with a breathtaking view, then the following destination can help you to make the right choice. May cost you more money, but Puerto Rico is an ideal destination for a relaxed atmosphere.

For several decades, Puerto Rico develops into a successful tourist destination. Because of the impact of cultural life, the city is rich with various festivals that celebrate art, food and wine. It makes the perfect destination for a family holiday, because the hearts and smiles of the people are just as hot as the sun which warms the shores of this island.

Image by Trish Hartmann via Flickr

Image by Trish Hartmann via Flickr

Image by Ricardo Mangual via Flickr

The island of Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is almost rectangular, but also it is the smallest of the Greater Antilles islands, stretching the length of about 580 kilometers. The sea around Puerto Rico is deep, but full of history. No one knows just how sunken ships lying at the bottom of the flow Mona or Puerto Rico trench where the pirate ships cruise a few centuries ago and disappeared forever from the memory of the people. Population of Puerto Rico is a mix of different races and nations. Each people who came to Puerto Rico had worn its cuisine, music and traditions, so today that culture is almost impossible to describe by words, you just have to see and feel. The capital is San Juan, which was founded in the 16th century.

Image by Ricardo Mangual via Flickr

Image by Jacques Lebleu via Flickr

Image by Lee Cannon via Flickr

It is center of economic and political life. Surrounded at three sides by the sea San Juan provides an opportunity without transportation to go to a hotel or restaurant. Tourist season covers the period from December to April, but it is mainly because of American tourists who are trying to avoid winter temperatures. If you want to avoid the crowds of American tourists, it is recommended to visit the island in summer, from May to November, but be careful – it’s hurricane season.

Image by Dmitry K via Flickr

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