Sakura the Wonderful Cherry Blossom

Sakura is the term used for the cherry blossom. This term is used for wide range of cherry related trees. Some of them does not produce fruits some of them does. This term comes from Japan. In the past, japanese people used to have picnics under the sakura or ume trees that were called Hanami. Because of the beautiful flowers, many other countries started planting this types of trees for the perfect view in the spring. Some countries have a cherry blossom festival in the springs. In US that kind of festival is called Cherry Blossom Festival (or Sakura Matsuri).

In every japanese movie, the scene where the beautiful japanese girl is under a blooming cherry tree just can not be omitted. The moment when the wind blows thru the cherry tree, and the flowers fly in the sky is priceless. In this article there are photos of the Sakura in Japan. Everywhere in Japan, in spring is either pink or white. Those are the colors of Sakura. Every japanese garden have at least one sakura in it. Take a look at those photos, and see the beauty of the cherry blossom. Wherever you if you can find a cherry tree, stand under it and wait for the wind to blow the flowers. This is one of the sweetest experiences.

Okazaki-shi, Aichi, Japan

Image by David A. LaSpina via Flickr

Kyoto, Japan

Image by fortherock via Flickr

Tunnel of Love at Kawazu, Shizuoka, Japan

Image by Agustin Rafael Reyes via Flickr

Kanda Shrine, Tokyo, Japan

Image by tosa muu via Flickr

Sakura at Aoyama, Roppongi, Japan

Image by Ryosuke Yagi via Flickr

Sakura light-up at Chidorigafuchi, Tokyo

Image by Marufish via Flickr

Nakameguro, Tokyo

Image by Héctor García via Flickr

Sakura, Tokyo

Image by Ken Lee via Flickr

Cherry Blossom at Himeji Castle, Japan

Image by chippee via Flickr

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