Simple Tricks to give a Luxurious Touch to your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the essential areas of a house, as you spend a good deal of your time in the shower room when getting ready. However, the renovation of this important part of your home could burn a big hole in your pocket. But don’t worry; if you know the right elements to put into your bathroom, you can transform it from drab to fab.

You don’t need to put sledgehammer on your vanity or redo the bathroom countertops with expensive materials like marble for a luxe look. Just upgrade small details, such as a fancy mirror, storage, etc., to swiftly elevate the feel and appearance of your bathroom.

Here are the seven most effective bathroom renovation ideas to uplift this space where you unwind every day:

A touch of minimalism can change the game

If you want to invest a little in your bathroom makeover, we would suggest going for neutral colour tones for walls, cabinets and bathtub. Probably you may have noticed in magazines or video ads that most luxe bathrooms are in neutral colours. For instance, white countertops, cabinets or backdrops are ideal for adding an elegant yet simple touch to any bathroom. Even a casual bathroom can appear high-end with a splurge of white wall paints or cabinets. Adding a white rug, towels or white linens to bathroom accessories will further tie up the whole look together.

Photo by DKOR Interiors Inc.- Interior Designers Miami, FL

Add a fancy lighting

If you don’t want to do the complete makeover of your bathroom, another chic way to enhance its appeal is by adding decorative lighting to a contemporary Duravit bathroom design. With flush-mount chandeliers or other large-scale lights, you could make a dull bathroom appear more sophisticated and stylish.

Photo by Fletcher + Hardoin Architects

Add some bling to your bathroom

For luxe bathroom appeal, try adding some bling to the interior. You can choose elegant brass fittings or decor pieces for your bathroom to spruce up its interior with a touch of gold accents. Any gold-toned metal is perfect for infusing warmth and style to any bathroom interior.


Jazz up the walls

Bathroom tiles don’t have to be plain for a luxurious interior. You may consider adding art-inspired walls by adding a glass tile backsplash, mosaic tiles or even elegant wallpapers onto the bathroom walls. For wallpapers, only find the high-quality ones that could withstand humidity and wet bathroom conditions. It would be best if you opted for the wall accent only as per your budget.

Photo by Bultman Architecture

Add a stylish mirror

While most people opt for a contractor-grade mirror for their bathroom, it’s best to choose a chic mirror to add unique character to the given space. The mirror could also have hidden storage to keep your bathroom accessories or act as a standard medicine cabinet. If your bathroom already has enough room, look for a mirror in attractive shape with vintage detailing, grand size or antique design. You can even find many fancy mirrors at flea markets at affordable prices.

Photo by Alpha Design Group

Add plants

For creating high-end GSI bathrooms, you could even incorporate fresh-looking plants into your bathroom. The plants could be natural or artificial (if you don’t have time to take care of them). The fresh green plants not only draw the attention of viewers but also make a small space seem more significant than it is. If you’re wondering which natural plants would thrive in a bathroom setting, try Boston ferns, Aloe Vera or orchids.

Photo by Rebecca Corley Interiors Ltd

Hang an oversized art piece

You may even hang an oversized artwork into your bathroom for luxe wall decor. If you have a small bathroom, then you can also add a big art to the wall to transform the space with a unique artistic feel. It will be a visual anchor of the given space, adding some character to the whole interior.

Photo by Habitar Design

Following the given tricks, it’s quite simple to create a fancy-looking bathroom without investing in a complete renovation. These ideas are sure to turn a simple bathroom into a high-end one with minimal efforts.

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