The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part 2)

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. – St. Augustine

This saying says it all. So how do you want to get the story? By its cover? By the first page? Or lets read it whole?

Beachy Head – England


Image Source: Beachy Head England

Mount Ararat eruption, Արարատ լեռը ժայթքում


Image Source: Volcano Eruption – Ararat Turkey, Sako Tchilingirian

Shifen Waterfall


Image Source: Shifen Waterfall

Somewhere in Romania


Image Source: Somewhere in Romania

Split View – Galapagos Islands


Image Source: Split View – Galapagos Islands

Hotel La Montana Magica – Huilo Chile


Image Source: Hotel La Montana Magica – Huilo Chile

Dunnottar Castle


Image Source: Dunnottar Castle

Coastal Potholes


Image Source: Coastal Potholes

Nottingham Castle


Image Source: Nottingham Castle

Beautiful Venice – Italy


Image Source: Beautiful Venice Italy

Split Pinnacle – Hunan China


Image Source: Split Pinnacle Hunan China

Valley of Ten Peaks


Image Source: Valley of Ten Peaks

Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway


Image Source: Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Cabin in the Woods


Image Source: Cabin in the Woods

Campo Andaluz – Andalusian Countryside


Image Source: Campo Andaluz – Andalusian Countryside

Solitude in the Olympics


Image Source: Solitude in the Olympics

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  • Nikki Giannotti

    Thank you for putting all these beautiful pictures in one place. It is awsome.

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    thank you for fantastic, marvelous photos and thanks for your times.

  • Abdirhaman M Salah

    thanks, but I can’t see African Beautiful place like sheikh in Somalia

  • yuvraj bhandari

    wonderful picture

  • Jack

    Ararat mount is so amazing, I love Armenia!
    Thanks for sharing

    • Notfromthisplanet

      Me, too. Proud of my homeland.

  • saumya

    wow thats amazing pics

  • A Geologist

    I am sorry to inform you that the picture of Mt Ararat erupting is a fake. This volcano has not erupted like this since the Bronze Age (over 5000 years ago)

    • ATrober

      but…Al Gore’s research shows global warming caused it to erupt.
      and…the Left Wing says Big Oil is covering up to make more $$$.

      • Eldon Bloedorn

        There is little that can be done for negative people who do not and will not get in touch with Nature. Al Gore is in touch with and understands Nature. Why try to educate fools like yourself?

  • Parisa

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    Armenia is amazing!

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    Philippines is very awesome to come:)

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    All pictures are nice and well breathtaking.Heart want to touch it and to feel it.Tnx for putting these paradise like good pictures.

  • hiral n gajiwala

    very very beautiful marvelous and amazing

  • zack

    like china have more than 1000 places they just put 1….

  • Syed Mohibul Morshed Nipu

    Sundorbon” in Bangladesh is also a beautiful amazing place in the world.

  • mik

    soo beautiful places that i’ve never seen before….

  • kamal

    I like this picture , l want to travel in this place !

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    God is so very very good to showing HIS wonderful creation in US…

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    Nice place to see all family

  • Prince Nyanatee Nenneh

    The world is such a wonderful place..for matter where you come from..we need to live in peace and harmony so that we can enjoy the beauties of all MADE BY GOD!!!!!

  • Krishana


  • The Norwegian highway is my favourite, but Venice is a dream city and China’s sceneries are fantastic!

  • snickellll

    no walmart ?

  • Beautiful place love to see these type of pics and wondering when i will be deh to see such things

  • this is very nice blog i love to visit it,

  • jonnathan araujo

    2 PCTURE= allahu akbarRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Amanda Thomas Crane

    On the contrary- this person’s contribution is one of great truth. All of creation testifies of our Lord Jesus Christ & His wondrous love & grace. E.g. You & I being part of that creation- were created in his very own image-this speaks of love. This is the place He made for us (u included) to reside & thrive. Proof of Him exists around us all at every moment….all one must do is open up their closed minds/hearts & decide to see what has been there all along. The mighty seas remind us of the sins he has erased. Unfathomably to us He took quite the multitude of sinshe had placed upon Him-all of sins past/present/future

  • Rickay Eta

    Indeed, all are awesome to behold!

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    Nice pics but not the top 100, or even 10,000

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    Hahahahha, you are right dear future children enjoy too but only few childrens . some poor childrens did not enjoy the beauty of children like me. I wanted to see worlds most beautiful places. But i did not be able to pay the price to enjoy the beauty of nature . Bad luck

  • Larry Monske

    Im 67 and wish I could see the scenery of the South Pacific islands for most color underwater. When in the Navy I followed my fathers footsteps that he fought on every island operation silver star and 3 purple hearts. These islands are pretty but water is scarce and the sun is so intense it will burn a tanned person from Arizona burned like a shrimp.As a young boy I watched the Berlin wall go up and I lived to see it come down. Biggest nightmare 64 divisions of tanks 45 minutes from Berlin
    and atomic drills evacuation to the airport no idea if it was a real thing and scary as anything.

  • “These beautiful pictures are amazing, they are the natures gift, when
    you see these pictures you feel you are all most present in the picture.
    in other wards its gods gift”.?

  • ” Great places to see”.?

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    Thank you so much It is a delight to the eyes.

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