Controversial Cultural Phenomenon – The City of Bangkok

Sometimes it is good to escape from reality, to break the monotony and simply to travel. In that way there is possibility to open new views of things, new challenges and new knowledge. Letting the innovations to carry about positive experience, we satisfying sense of curiosity and tamed the adventure spirit. The old wisdom, beliefs and artistic skills, united together with brilliant cities, numerous festivals and the royal songs – makes the dream called Thailand, Land of laughter and joy.

Many things that are harmful to visit make Bangkok a modern, exciting and sophisticated city. As political, economic, cultural and spiritual capital of Thailand with old charm – Bangkok is fascinating the visitors.

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Beautiful Buddhist capital Bangkok it is the most populous city of Thailand. It is 1,568.7 square kilometres and with population of over 8 million this town is recognizably by culture, religion, food and festivals. Bangkok dates at least to the early 15th century and Buddhism is heavily involved in every aspect of life. Many temples and museums are cultural heritage. The citizens have great religious devotion and as a result of that Buddhist monks enjoy respect. While visiting Bangkok must not forget to taste Thai specialties suck us: Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and Kai Med Ma Muang.

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Bangkok contains, from exotic temples, which are the incarnation of a strong Thai Buddhist history to modern shopping centers that make shopping an integral part of any holiday in Bangkok. The city of angels, has many attractions that can be visited as Chinatown Yaowarat, Temple of the Dawn Wat Arun, the river Chao Praya, Khao San road, the house of Jim Thompson and much more. There is a high temperature during the whole year and it is warmest in summer. Whether the purpose of the trip is to enjoy the unique culture of Thailand, or simply walking in malls, Bangkok will guaranteed a fascinating experience of old world charm and modern convenience and luxury.

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