Top Places in Italy which will Take your Breath Away

In the heart of Southern Europe lies a country that has forever held a special place in every traveller’s list. From a vast treasury of art, delightful delicacies, jaw-dropping fashion to gorgeous landscapes, this land has it all. Italy is sensuous and full of magic, and while small group tours of Norwegian fjords & Northern lights remain ever popular, it is best explored alone or with the arms of your lover around you. So, without further ado, here is a list of places you must visit when you are in Italy:

1. The Lake District

Across the northern parts of Italy leisurely stretches the Lake District, growing gently from the Plains southern reaches to the undulating hills in the north. For over a hundred years, the lake has attracted tourists with its sumptuous views and beautiful weather. Como and Garda vie for your attention with picturesque mountains in their backdrop and their crystalline waters. And if you are looking to spend some quiet time with your family, to the south is the divine Maggiore, which is equally beautiful but usually not very crowded.

2. Sicily

The biggest among the Mediterranean islands, Sicily tastes of rich culture and vibrant art. History comes alive in the Valley of the Temples and the towering architecture of the Baroque churches. And as its centrepiece stands Mount Etna, tall and proud, with an active volcano rolling in its giant belly.

3. Naples

Naples is where art and culture meet all the hues of city life, with all its high fashion, gastronomic delights and vibrant nightlife. If you are a foodie as well a traveller, you will be delighted o know that this is where your favourite cheesy delights were born. From pizza to parmigiana and spaghetti, Naples gave birth to them all. One bite into the local pizza, made out of local and fresh ingredients as they are, is enough to transport anyone to the land of dancing flavours and aroused taste buds.

4. Milan

One of the wealthiest of all cities in Europe, Milan is where you go to get your fix of great art as well as fashion. And while the fashion centre is where all the haute couture is, it is the Da Vinci’s paintings, the La Scala Opera House, the biggest Gothic cathedral in the world and other such treasure so artistic and cultural significance that draw tourists here the most.

5. Venice

No traveller who travels to Italy can ever dream of not visiting this unique and delightful floating city that lies in the arms of the Adriatic. Hundreds of gorgeous bridges and canals run across this land, with the Grand Canal being the crown jewel. The land breathes history and the tumbling rivulets that flow between the ancient structures are made to be traversed while tucked into the arms of your lover.

6. Rome

Once the heart of the exquisite Roman empire, Rome is where ancient history embraces the new and the modern. Rome is home to the centre of Christian faith, the Vatican City, and its plazas and picturesque cathedrals are enough to transport anyone to another time, a time of art, when to live was to make your way into the pages of history that have held strong for the past two thousand five hundred years and more.

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