Ullswater: Britain’s most beautiful Lake

Sometimes you need to get away from it all — whether that be due to stress or the simple desire for adventure.  Whatever the case, more and more travellers are turning to Lake District National Park for their holiday needs.  In particular, the park houses a number of naturally beautiful views, from the mountains to the lakes.  The park is also famously home to Ullswater: Britain’s most beautiful Lake, as well as the Lake District Hotels, among Britain’s most beautiful lakeside lodging.

As a matter of fact, Ullswater, itself, has plenty to offer for holiday.  It is astounding how many easy activities can be housed on just one lake.  However, from steamers, to sail boats and trout fishing, there is something for everyone.

For those who prefer the view without the work, the Ullswater Steamers offer easy transportation around the region.  In fact, this environmentally accredited attraction has been offering cruises for more than 150 years.  When booked online, these services may even be secured in advance for rates as low as £13 for adults and £7 for children.

If a traveler prefers a more sporty holiday, however, they may turn to Ullswater’s boat hire services.  These services are located across the region and tend to be open seasonally, during the warmer months.  For just a few pounds, visitors can be out on the lake in mere minutes, and enjoying the cruising or trout fishing in no time.

In fact, many travelers to the region prefer a more personal holiday, spending much time on solitary or pensive activities, such as sailing or fishing.  The trout season runs between March and September, during which any visitors with a valid rod license are permitted to fish on the lake — if you do not hold a national rod license, these are also available fore the day or week from local businesses.  Simply remember to pack your rods and bait for one of your life’s easiest fishing excursions.

Whatever the case, if you are choosing to get away from it all and travel to Ullswater, it is equally important that you choose a hassle-free hotel to stay in.  When it comes to hotels in the Lake District, the clear leader is a group of businesses known simply as the Lake District Hotels.  These hotels are known to the area for superior service, luxury accommodations, and breathtaking views.

One of the Lake District Hotels, in particular, is situated directly on the lake — known simply as, “the Inn on the Lake.”  This four star inn is home to 47 rooms and 15 acres of sweeping grounds right upon the lake shore.  Recently, this has also grown to include eight Luxury Collection rooms which have been rated at five stars.  The property also hosts a number of lounges and restaurants, which offer fabulous views of the property for easy relaxation.  Rates for this slice of heaven begin as low as £100 per person, including dinner, bed, and breakfast services.

If you find yourself searching through Ullswater hotels for the greatest Lake District deals, your search ends here.  Book with the Inn on the lake today to secure the lowest rates possible for your trip, and to leave your worries behind.  From the moment your holiday is successfully arranged, its relaxation will slowly begin to sink in.  Spend your time worrying about which adventurous activities will fill your day, and leave your worries of lodging behind.  When you stay at Ullswater: Britain’s most beautiful Lake, stay with the Lake District Hotels: Britain’s most beautiful and affordable lakeside hotels.

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