Visit the Picturesque Fishing Town Marsaxlokk

We present you small, modest and magical little place that will surely fascinate with its diversity, humility and tremendous hospitality of the locals. It is Marsaxlokk, the small, sunny pearl of Malta. This quiet place is a true paradise for mental rest and relaxation.

This small town will fascinate you simply with its beauty. If you have the opportunity to visit, just do it and make sure that you spend unforgettable moments.

Beautiful, cheerful and picturesque fishing town Marsaxlokk is located in the southeastern part of Malta. It is known for the weekly fish market and colorfully decorated fishing boats called “luzzu”. In a small coastal of good restaurants are preparing the most delicious fresh fish and blue green seawater. Small beaches along the Marsaxlokk provide a sense of intimacy and there you can enjoy away from the crowds and hustle, relaxing in the pleasant sunlight accompanied by a quiet Mediterranean wind. The famous bay “Saint Peter” is the most recognized place for lovers of diving and jumping in the water. Lime rocks are ideal spot for sunbathing and reading a nice book under the sun. If you visit this place, you must see the Cathedral Parish, dedicated to the Holy Virgin. The cathedral dates from the 18th century.

Several times a year there are organized celebrations in honor of the Virgin followed by magnificent fireworks. Weekly fish markets are a real attraction for tourists and locals and here you can buy tasty and just caught fish. Between spring and late autumn in Marsaxlokk you can find Swordfish, tuna and the popular ‘lampuki’ in abundance. Tourists visit Marsaxlokk because of the picturesque image of the bay filled with colorful fishing boats, restaurants with varied seafood and marketers who have products in abundance, from fish, fruit, vegetables, delicatessen, groceries, gifts, to clothing and footwear.

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