Оnly For Wine Lovers – Yunessun Spa Resort

There are a lot of amazing things of this world. If you love wine and you want to travel to distant, exotic countries, start to save money. In Japan, 100 kilometers west of Tokyo there is a spa center, where you can spend days swimming in hot pools with red wine. In Yunessun spa resort you can enjoy in white wine also, unless you do not love red.

The use of red wine as a beauty treatment is not new to modern times. Yunessun spa resorts, spa theme park, offering to guests a pool with enjoying red wine, which as we all knows, except it tastes good, it contains antioxidant action that slowing down aging. This ingredient, which is consisting in grapes, peanuts, cocoa and some berries positively affects the skin tone, making it solid, alleviates inflammatory processes and also improves circulation, skin elasticity and collagen fibers.

Yunessun spa resort is not a place that offering something unusual. Using red wine skin care is nothing new. Back in the times of ancient Rome, women bathed in it wishing to have a soft skin and there are records that Cleopatra supposedly enjoyed massages with oil extracted from the bones of grapes.

While you are bathing in wine in the Yunessun spa center, the butler will put fresh wine into a glass by the enormous bottle located near the pool. Be sure that you will have a full treatment with wine.
Visitors say the pool has a “sweet smell” and that the best experience is to be in the pool covered with wine. If wine is your favorite drink, Yunessun spa center sounds like a good idea. But, note that bathing in pools filled with this drink is only possible during the 16 days of the year. Because of that, your trip must be carefully planned.

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