10 Awesome Backyard Lighting Ideas to Get Ready for Spring

With spring approaching, it is time to open the doors and windows of your home and start cleaning and decorating your backyard. Spring wakes us with its longer days, optimal warmth and humidity, and the need for outdoor social gatherings brews in us. Despite longer days, gatherings and parties can last longer than the day, and good lighting will ensure the overall atmosphere doesn’t suffer. If you want your guests to stay, take a look at these ten wonderful backyard lighting ideas.

String Lighting

String lights are probably the most cost-effective and easy way of adding light to your backyard. You can hang them on trees or any other tall object that you find suitable. String lights are perfect for calm and peaceful nights, cozy dinners and gatherings. However, if you want to party, then use multicolor light bulbs or mix the regular bulbs with colorful bunting to spice up the atmosphere.

Photo by Accents Lighting


If you’re going to class up your backyard, then lanterns should be your choice. They will add charm to your backyard, giving it the sophisticated appeal, especially if you have a traditional home design.

Photo by escale design

Pendant Lights

Outdoor pendant lights are an emerging trend in 2018. When it comes to shape, choose the one that suits you the best, whether it is sphere or hexagon. These lights will stand out and attract the attention of your guests and curious bypassers. Go for pendant lights if you want glamour and elegance.

Photo by FormLA Landscaping

Uplighting Lights

Uplighting is still popular because they aim high and make everything seem more grandiose. You can position these lights under trees or plants, or you can install them against the wall. These lights will make your garden stand out, making it the focal point of your property, a place where everyone will gather to enjoy themselves.

Photo by John Davies Landscape

Disclosed LED Strips

If you want to be subtle than led strips is the way to go. You can place them under the stairs or furniture, making everything appear smooth and safe. These lights will also add a touch of modernity into your backyard, assuring that your backyard goes with the time.

Photo by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects


You can either buy them or make your chandeliers if you want to add a personal touch to your backyard. Chandeliers come in many forms, can give off a rustic or romantic atmosphere. They also will also fit in in almost any garden, and are flexible when it comes to theme and atmosphere.

Photo by Exteriors By Chad Robert

Lighten Up the Vegetation

Yes, if your backyard is filled with bushes, like English ivy, these are excellent candidates when it comes to light decorations. Try using string lights (incandescent), for they will give your backyard charm and flow.

Photo by Daryl Toby

Accent Lightning

Fantastic: the word that describes accent lightning. For instance, you can spread big LED “Spheres” throughout your backyard, in any order you want. They shine white bright light, subtle light, and are very durable. People commonly use them in pools, but can also be used in the backyard.

Photo by Certified-Lighting

Rope Lightning

If used creatively, rope lightning can class up the backyard and provide with pleasant light at the same time. Most people use it for lining their gardens, making borders, giving your backyard several stories.

Photo by Zaretsky and Associates, Inc.

Exclusive Tree-hanging Lights

This one is very exclusive because it requires you to have a tall tree from which you will hang the lights or tiny light bulbs. It is perfect for inner family gathering, so use this light when spending time with your family.

Photo by Black Bear Builders, Inc.


Look around your backyard, observe, and then act accordingly. See what lights would fit your landscape the best; you will be ready for both spring and summer.

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