10 Beautiful Bridges in The World – Part 1

The world is full of bridges that are not only architectural wonders, but also much more. They impressed with beauty and inspiration. Most bridges have their primary function, to carry us from one side to the other, however, some have extraordinary glamour. We present you top 10 bridges around the world which are exclusive fantastic. And what is perhaps the best of all, they are still functional.

1. Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary

This bridge connects Buda and Pest across the Danube River and it is masterpiece worth to see. It was opened in 1849.

Image by Matthew Powell via Flickr

2. Devil’s Bridge, Kromlauer park, Germany

It is a term which had been used for dangerous looking bridges throughout primarily Europe, built during the Medieval Time. Devil’s Bridge that crosses the Rakotzsee is named Rakotzbrücke. The most astonishing thing is the reflection of the sunset from the bridge into the water which forming full circle.

Image by cнαт-ɴoιr^^ via Flickr

3. Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy

The Ponte Vecchio extends over the river ArnoinFlorence, Italy. It is interesting that at the edges of the bridge are built shops. This bridge is certainly one of the most romantic places in the world.

Image by Justin Brown via Flickr

4. Old Bridge, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

To replace the old wooden bridge over the Neretva River, Old Bridge which is uniting both coasts, more than four centuries is representing the history of Mostar and its inhabitants. Through the old bridge are intertwine lives of people and they are linked to diversity of individuals, classes, ethnicities and religions.

Image by Ebs Els via Flickr

5. Tower Bridge, London, United Kingdom

This bridge crosses the River Thames. It is composed of two bridge towers tied together at the upper level which represent two horizontal walkways. This historic building was constructed between 1886 and 1894 and has become an iconic symbol of London

Image by martin_vmorris via Flickr

Here is link to part 2

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