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10 Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking, eating, and spending time with loved ones outside is always great fun, and especially when you can do it from home. There are a lot of ways to spruce up an outdoor kitchen, so here are 10 tips to get you started.


As great as the outdoors are, its also nice to get some shade and protection from the rain. Building a gazebo over your outdoor kitchen is the best way to accomplish this. It doesn’t take away from the benefits of an outdoor kitchen. You are still outside, you’re still getting fresh air, and you’re still spending time with people. It just adds a little shade to the area. This is especially helpful for people who live in hot climates.

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A bar is one of the quintessential items for an outdoor kitchen. There are different designs that you can go with. The L- shaped bar can wrap around the kitchen. The straight bar can be off to the side for dining. A half circle shaped bar can become the focal point of the kitchen itself. A bar can serve as the main dining area or a spot off to the side for people to sit. All of these work well. You just need to pick what you like and make it fit with the landscape of your property.

Photo by Paul Moon Design

An Electric Grill

Your outdoor kitchen will likely have a grill or some similar item for cooking. An electric grill can work as a supplementary cooking appliance. For a start, they fit well in small places. This means you can set them off to the side and not take away from the space your main cooking appliance takes up. If you are cooking the main course, you can cook sides and smaller items on the electric grill. You could also use it for appetizers while the main meal is cooking. There’s no fire needed, and you don’t have bring out extra charcoal, wood, or propane. They cook quickly, and they still do a pretty good job.

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Having all of your meats and vegetables right where you are is much more convenient than having to step inside and lug everything out every time you want to use your outdoor kitchen. You can also buy a small drink cooler to keep refreshments close by at all times.

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One of the great parts of having an outdoor grill is getting to spend time with people one on one. Sometimes though, you want to sit out with a few friends and watch sports or some other programming. It can also be a great place for family movie nights, especially during the summer.

Photo by Mark Johnson Custom Homes

Brick and Stone

There are a lot of styles and materials that work well. One that you may not have considered is using brick or stone for your outdoor kitchen.

This can be used in few ways. You can go for a rustic look. This might work well in combination with wood. You can go for a fancier exotic look. Brick can work well with stucco, especially in more tropical climates. It’s a style that is in right now, and can even increase the property value of your home.

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Instead of being an item, rust is more something to keep in mind. If you live in a humid climate, then you may want to use rust resistant materials. Stainless steel and aluminum grills and other appliances may be your best bet. They also tend to be easy to clean.

Photo by Interiors by Maite Granda


While you’ll be outside, that isn’t always enough to clear the area of smoke. If you use large grills with wood smoke, for instance, you may still find you and your guests being smothered with smoke from time to time. This especially applies if you’re going with a gazebo or some similar enclosure. A hood can be installed right above the grill, and it won’t get in the way of anything else. Simply find one that matches the rest of your kitchen and you’ll be good to go.

Photo by Garner Homes

Foliage and Flowers

Plants can accentuate any outdoor kitchen. They also aren’t usually expensive, and they are easy to install. It’s likely one of the easiest ways to improve your kitchen. You also can use them to work with any style. If you have a modern styled outdoor kitchen, you can use simple white flowers and some greenery. If you’re in a tropical environment, you could use cacti or shrubbery.

Photo by Deborah Leamann


Having a sink next to the main grill is crucial. You’ll be surprised how often you need to rinse something off or use water in some way. If you’ll boiling water, soaking something, or rinsing off utensils, you don’t want to constantly be walking far away to use the sink. This also goes hand in hand with having a trash can nearby. You can even get the trash can built in as a pull out that keeps it out of the way.

Photo by Ettore Masonry Inc.

There a million and more ways to design your outdoor kitchen. Just pick from your favorite ideas and build the perfect grill.

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