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Top 10 Educational Trips in New York City

New York is an amazing city with so many things to do and see.  It is an exciting city, full of culture and attractions. The great thing about this city is that you can visit on more than one occasion and still not encounter all the many experiences this city has to offer. Here, Adaptable Travel reveals the top 10 educational trips to take in The Big Apple.


One thing that this city boasts is a wealth of cultural experiences in its museums and galleries.  The great thing about these attractions is that the students can explore them with as much or as little guidance as you require, and it is suitable for all weathers!

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum has a wide range of exhibitions located on six floors; the different types of art on offer are sure to wow any pupil’s tastes. From impressionism to modern art, a wide variety is all contained under one roof.

Image by Maciek Lulko via Flickr

American Museum of Natural History

Just a stone’s throw away from ‘Central Park’ is the American Museum of Natural History.  Founded in 1869, this is one of the largest museums in the world. A visit to this attraction needs a lot of planning as you could spend days exploring the many exhibitions on offer.

Image by Aleksandra M. via Flickr

9/11 Memorial and Museum

9/11 is a date that will remain in many people’s memories for years to come; the site at which this atrocity took place has now been marked with a memorial pool and newly opened museum.  The point at which the World Trade Centre was located is very poignantly marked and will touch any pupil that visits.

By Cadiomals (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Empire State Building

The great thing about New York is that there are so many iconic landmarks to see; the Empire State Building is a must-see for all first time New York visitors. From the top of the 102-storey skyscraper, you get an excellent view of the city, and this is considered to be an American cultural icon that is an essential part of your visit.

Image by Sean Davis via Flickr

United Nations Headquarters

The United Nations Headquarters offer something unique, as it is an opportunity to set foot in a building where so many decisions are made about worldwide issues. Tours include visits to the ‘General Assembly’, as well as giving children an insight into the UN and how it works.

Image by United Nations Photo via Flickr

Rockefeller Centre

From the ‘Top of the Rock’, you will be able to get a flavour of the history of the centre with fantastic multimedia exhibition and a viewing area. Another great place to see the city, the 70th floor offers 360° views of this amazing city.

Image by slack12 via Flickr

NBC New York Studio Tours

American TV shows are known across the globe, and the NBC Studio Tour is a fun experience allowing you to go ‘backstage’ in the studios. Going behind the scenes of some of the most iconic shows, you will get to see dressing rooms of stars, as well as their makeup rooms. This is certainly an exciting trip not to be missed!

Image by Brett Gullborg via Flickr

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The financial district is certainly an area that must be visited. Here you can learn about the roles and responsibilities of this financial hub, where they offer tours geared towards pupils and offer a fantastic background into the Federal Reserve System.

Image by Tom Bastin via Flickr

Central Park

This oasis of calm in the middle of a bustling city is a park that has so much to offer; a castle, fountains, visitor centre and even a zoo are all located here. Choose what you want to see from the many things on offer at Central Park, you won’t be disappointed.

Image by Anthony Quintano via Flickr

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France, which stands tall and proud in the New York Harbour.  There are many different ways to view this, but the best view can be obtained by taking to the water on one of the many ferries.

Image by Grufnik via Flickr

It’s easy to plan to do too much on a trip to New York, but missing out on some of the above experiences will definitely call for another visit!

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