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The 10 Most Exiting Beaches around the World

A beautiful beach is the same to everyone – white sand, clear water, and beautiful coast. Some people choose a more crowded beach, while others enjoy a quieter vacation. However, for a beach to be interesting, it has to possess something special. And while each beach has a beauty of its own, there are beaches that offer more than the typical sand or surf experience.

There are hundreds of beautiful beaches in the world, but only few can be listed as interesting. Knowing this, we decided to choose the top 10 most interesting beaches in the world.

Wreck Beach, Canada

Located in Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Wreck Beach is one of the most popular and biggest clothing-optional beach in the world. Its peak season is the summer, when over 14,000 visitors drop by during the weekend for some fun while sunbathing.


The legendary Wreck Beach has the motto: ‘Nude isn’t lewd, but gawking is rude’.

Malmok Beach, Aruba

The Caribbean is famous for their shipwrecks, and Malmok Beach is the biggest beach known for it.


Back in World War II, a German freighter named Antilla was ordered to surrender when they docked in Aruba. However, when the police arrived at the spot the next morning, the ship was gone. History says that the captain sunk the ship a day after he agreed to yield, creating the 400-foot wreck in the Caribbean.

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

The Ocracoke Island is the place where the most famous pirates worldwide were captured. Back in the 1700s, this spot was a thruway for trade vessels with goods from all across the world. Naturally, the place was full with pirates.


The island is known for the capture of Blackbeard, the legendary pirate who moored at the location before he accepted a pardon. At this point, the beach has pristine beaches and is popular for shell gathering, fishing, swimming and diving.

Wineglass Bay, Australia

If you are a history lover, you’ll like the Wineglass Bay. This little piece of heaven is part of many lists and has one of the darkest histories in the world of whaling.


Back in the 1820s, whalers used this base to set off in boats and chase whales. When they would catch one, they’d tow the carcass back to the shore and blubber it down for oil. The spots where they were working were stained dark red. This is where the bay took its name.

Robin Hood’s Bay, England

With many fossils found along the village, Robin Hood’s Bay was a popular smuggler’s haven in the 1700s. It was protected by moorland on three sides, and was the epicenter of contraband smuggling from the Netherlands and France.


The operation here was so big, that everyone were involved win it. Therefore, the Robin Hood’s Bay is filled with secret passages that bring joy and excitement to everyone who visits there.

Bells Beach, Australia

Back in the days, access to the beach was very difficult. However, back in 1959, a person named Joe hired a bulldozer and cleared a road to the beach. Then, he recouped his losses by charging surfers to use the road.


Now his spot is the home of the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival, the longest running-surfing competition in the world, happening every Easter.

Cape Cod National Seashore, Massachusetts

Stretching from Chatnam to Provincetown, the Cape Cod National Seashore is the first oceanfront national park of America. This area was a private land back in the early 1900s, as well as the favorite piece of land with the Kennedy clan.

When he became president, Kennedy was finally able to establish the National Seashore and therefore, the first oceanfront national park in America.

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

The first luxury ship built for leisure cruises was constructed back in 1900 and called Prinzessin Victoria Luise. It departed on January 26 of 1901 from New York, and its cruise included a stop on this particular island. The boat sailed for five years when it ran ashore in Jamaica in the year of 1906.

At this point, St. Thomas is the busiest port for cruise-ships in the world.

Bournemouth, England

Bournemouth built the first beach hut back in 1909, enabling people to have a private beachside base for as long as they want it. At his point, there are 2000 beach huts of many sizes and shapes. About 70% of all these are privately owned.


Capri, Italy

The ancient Romans partied back on the Capri beach, embarking on tours that lasted up to five years. The first stops of these travelers were the seaside resorts near Capri.


Today, Capri is known as a playground for the jet set. Featuring popular and rocky beaches, this was once the site of the seaside palace of Emperor Tiberius.

Did you choose your next destination? If you love adventure and summer, visit one or more of these amazing beaches and have the time of your life!

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