10 French Beaches to Visit

According to theguardian.com and the experts they asked, they reviewed many french beaches and they came to a final list of top 10 french beaches. Those french beaches are located from Brittany to Corsica and they are fantastic. Some of those french beaches are for families, others for lovers, on some you can have the great excitement of water sports and some of them are only for adults. For each beach we will give a brief info followed with some nice photos, if you would like to read more about that place, you should visit theguardian’s website.

Porto-Pollo, Corsica

Porto-Pollo is said to be best in Corsica. The expert to say that this was the best place in Corsica is Jacqueline Mirtelli from the France Tourism Development Agency. The sand in the bay sheltered by green hills and the crystal clear water are the most noticeable things.

Image by urza via Flickr

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Baie d’Audierne, Brittany

Chosen as the best Breton beach by Wendy Mewes, author of Footprint Brittany. It is 30 km long beach that offers calm relaxation and it has family-friendly places or some more adventurous.

Image by Paolo Ramponi via Flickr

Image by Jacques via Flickr

L’Ile de Riou, Marseille

Frederic Di Meglo, the secretary general of the Fédération Française d’Etude et de Sport Sous-Marin Said that L’Ile de Riou is the best place for diving. This island is uninhabited and preserved. It is accessible only by boat.

Image by DuRhumDesFemmes via Flickr

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Euronat, Côte d’Argent, Aquitaine

Euronat is best naturist beach of France according to Nick Mayhew-Smith, author of The World’s Best Nude Beaches. It is untouched by the mass tourism and the golden sands of Côte d’Argent are heaven for the back-to-nature beach lovers.

Image by Jean-Michel Bron via Google Maps

Image by Lothar Doebert via Google Maps

Plage de l’Almanarre, Hyères, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Pascal Boulanger, world champion funboarder, chose this beach to be the best for watersports. Its the best beach for wind fanatics because is a consistent wind of one side. There are different areas reserved for windsurfers, kitesurfers and funboarders.

Image by Tristan Farsac via Flickr

Image by marcovdz via Flickr

Plage de Ménéham, Brittany

Of all the french beaches Plage de Ménéham is picked to be the best one for motor homes and campervans. Mail George, editor of All the Aires France is the one to be blamed for this pick. You can discover here one of the finest white sand french beaches by taking the single-track coast road north of Kerlouan.

Image by stibou5 via Flickr

Image by Yann Caradec via Flickr

Paloma Plage, French Riviera

Gerard Spatafora, Clé d’Or and Concierge at the Fairmont Hotel Monte Carlo since 1980, says that Paloma Plage is the best celeb-spotting french beach. Calm, chic and sheltered, it is perfect spot for celebrities to hide from all the paparazzi and enjoy. Anyways half of the beach is public so it is reserved for all those non-millionaires.

Image by Zachary Chant via Flickr

Image by alexandre nakonechnyj via Flickr

Côte Sauvage, Poitou-Charentes

Best wild beach of all the french beaches is Côte Sauvage. Dominic Earler which is editor of France: Time Out’s Perfect Places stated that this beach should get this reward. It is only accessible by a 10-minute hike from the D25 berween Ronce-les-Bains and La Palmyre.

Image by Frederic Role via Flickr

Image by Etienne Valois via Flickr

Argelès Plage, Languedoc-Roussillon

From all the french beaches the one that is best for families is Argelès Plage. Mirella Salomone, co-founder of findmybeach.com says that french families has flocked here for many years and for good reason. It;s beautifully maintained and has great facilities such as a marina and a beach club for kids.

Image by Luna via Flickr

Image by Tom & Katrien via Flickr

Beaulieu-sur-Mer, French Riviera

At the end the best beach for children is Beaulieu-sur-Mer. And the expert that picked is the 8 year old Samuel Landry. The beach is is sandy and shallow.

Image by Tim Gage via Flickr

Image by Tim Gage via Flickr

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