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10 Incredible Landscaping Ideas for an Incredible Outdoor Space

For many, owning a home is a dream. With that dream comes a lot of work, from protecting your investment to up-keeping the indoor and outdoor space that greatly impacts the look and feels of your home. In fact, things like landscaping and outdoor maintenance are just as important as hiring an interior design company.

Having a beautiful yard is not just about the looks and feel of it, it is more than that. Moreover, what if your dream backyard entails adding a saltwater pool, beautiful trees, and flowers with a seating area? How would you tackle the landscaping ideas you got off the internet? The answer is simple, search for ‘landscaping services near me’. If you want the job done right and everything built and installed properly you need the help of professionals.

Since a reliable landscaping company has years of experience with a wide variety of customer base, their creative team is familiar with certain designs and ideas. Based on your selected designs, they know what works best and what design will work for the available space. There are some features that can’t be built-in based on the architecture, space, and other elements. So let’s become familiar with certain landscaping ideas that can work best for you:

Well-thought landscape design:

As a homeowner, you will be well aware of how curb appeal plays an important role in real estate. That means the first impression of your yard is enough to get a potential buyer excited. The exterior needs to employ smart and easy landscaping that will outlast the often grey cast. That is if you are considering making any upgrades to your home the design and the use should be first on your priority list. For instance, the design aesthetic and use of plantings are a few of the things that continue to add value over time.

Photo by JayMarc Homes

Take on a multipurpose design:

If you live with your family, how do you design a backyard that is safe, engaging, and creative for both children and parents? Working with a professional landscaping company is beneficial for such projects. However, when you search for landscape services near me, you get a lot of companies. So choosing the right company is critical for a well-designed backyard. Whether you are seeking to transform your whole yard or just want to elevate standard by adding various elements or simply maintenance, look for a company that can handle all aspects from design, project management, to regular maintenance.

Photo by Interactive Landscapes

Match the style of your landscaping with your home’s architect

Visitors might not see your backyard right off the bat, but this place can have a lasting impression that will have them leaving on high notes- if it is designed correctly. One surefire way to get maximum returns on your landscaping renovation is by making sure that the exterior actually matches the architecture of your home. For instance, if you have a craftsman-style home then you should go for simple yet classic landscaping and not incorporate any modern additions.

Photo by O’Brien Landscape

Keep it green or go for year-round style

The simple addition of evergreen shrubs ensures that your modern architect will remain lush and bright all year round. By seeing the beautiful patch of flowers you might think to add them to your outdoor space. But no, if you want to keep your exterior looking polished all year round then an evergreen theme works best.

Photo by The Garden Artist LLC

Plant some trees

If you add just a few high-impact, high-performance, and evergreen varieties of trees, you will be good to go rather than crowding a bed cover with lots of plants. Even if you have some trailing and dwarf plants, consider adding some specimen trees. These might require maintenance, but yield a great return on investment. Just remember to maintain them and give them plenty of water as they continue to grow for a couple of years.

Photo by Falling Waters Landscape

Clean up the weed

A dull landscape and overgrown grass can break the look of your exterior. It gives a feeling that your property is not cared for. So one of the easiest ways is to search for ‘Landscaping services near me’ and spruce up what you already have. For instance, if you have a property with dead spots and tons of weed, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and just go for maintaining the curb appeal.

Photo by KD Landscape

Add curb appeal

You can simply do this by adding new plant beds, trees, and shrubs. However, what about the dead plants, overgrown grass, and dead spots? You can simply do this by:

  1. Taking the help of a professional for treating your lawn with selective weed control materials.
  2. Reseeding your lawn.
  3. Applying quality fertilizers.
  4. Replacing the plants or areas which are hard to maintain with evergreens.
  5. Controlling insects.

Photo by Verde Creations, Inc.

Install Irrigation System

You don’t want to spend your precious time, holding a hose regularly, to give plants the right amount of water. And even if you are ready to do so, there might be times when you need help while you go on a vacation. And simply, you don’t want your hard work to go into waste. The best way to install is an automatic irrigation system that makes grooming and maintaining a lot easier.

Photo by Pro Green Irrigation

Regular maintenance of plants and trees

Too often, when homeowners opt for water-smart technology they neglect this part of landscaping. It is crucial to maintain them from time to time. Since, when these are not taken care of it can lead to crowded walkways, blocked views, and cause safety and security hazards. If the situation has gotten out of your hand or you are not able to take care of your yard, then it is best to hire a company that provides full-service maintenance programs for both landscape and irrigation.

Photo by Sallie Hill Design, Landscape Architect

Add color to your landscape

When in doubt, you can add a variety of colorful plants, that too, with in your budget to increase the curb appeal. However, in this case you just need to make sure that you choose the plants wisely with the right sun, water and soil requirements. For instance, choose plants that are native and drought-resistance since they will be able to survive better in rough conditions and are also a sustainable and efficient option.

Photo by Artistic Landscapes

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