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10 Most Romantic Piers in Europe

The pier once was a place where all the good parties in the city that had seas were held. Here are located the best restaurants, clubs and cafe bars, as well as place where the best concerts and plays were done.

As of that the piers held some kind of magic. A magic that brings only a positive energy. Here YourAmazingPlaces is showing you 10 of the best piers in Europe where you should pick at least one and enjoy in the most romantic sunrises or sunsets.

Brighton, England,  UK

Brighton was recently proclaimed as world’s best destination for beach vacation. Every morning on this pier you can see the fish salesmen, and a little later this places transforms into party-rock. A real attraction are the artists that are creating astonishing portraits and landscapes in a real-time.

Image by Alessio Mesiano via Flickr

Clevedon, England, UK

This city is settled in the United Kingdom and it’s pier dates from 1869. Although it is not that popular by the events, he got his fame of the great views.

Image by Gerry Fox via Flickr

Sellin, Germany

Sellin is a city settled on the Baltic Sea on the German island of Rugen. The great restaurant on this pier makes it perfect to spend some quality time.

Image by seelengalerie via Flickr

Blackpool, England, UK

This is definitely the most favored place for relaxation among all the Britons. A place where a great joy can be found including the different attractions that are happening often.

Image by Martyn Wright via Flickr

Heringsdorf, Germany

Heringsdorf is one of the most sophisticated cities in Germany. Even today the magic of the gold of the twenties of the last century can be felt and lived through.

Image by loewe.chr via Flickr

Cromer, England, UK

This may be the only pier in the world where a theater is settled on. Next to the theater there is a rescue guard service in a case some culture lover would decide to cool down his passions in the sea.

Image by rodtuk via Flickr

Blankenberge, Belgium

The view of this city is well known by the pier that goes 350 meters into the sea. The end of this pier there is a building and all that is well lightened for many great romantic walks.

Image by Kazumitsu_ via Flickr

Scheveningen, The Hague, Netherlands

If you are a seeker of peace and silence, this is the great place for you. Even though sometimes this place knows to be crowded by many tourists, it is always a silent place where you can enjoy the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

Image by Tom Roeleveld via Flickr

Sopot, Poland

The oldest attraction in Sopot, a small town in Poland, is this wooden pier. It is also the longest wooden construction in Europe that is long 511 meters and wide 10 meters.

Image by Stian Olsen via Flickr

Plock, Poland

With its great location, settled among the Vistula River, Plock is a nice city to visit and live in Poland. The great pier construction is just a perfect addition to the scenery of this city.

By Rommullus (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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