10 Must Try Foods You Need To Eat in London

If you haven’t tasted English cuisine, you are missing something big in life. It is a brilliant idea to travel to London and relish your taste buds like never before. The London food scene has undergone a number of changes since the time of classics. It has given a tried and tested modern makeover to every eatable that sells here from economical street food to luxurious fine dining experience. However, when it comes to choosing what to eat in London, it feels like a truly daunting task to many.

Countless restaurants are operating in London offering a diverse range of food options that leave you wanting for more. Whether you are a pasta lover or looking for the best pizza point, this city is going to change your perception of food. For your ease, here we are going to compile a list of 10 must-try food items when you are in London.

Full English Breakfast

If you are an ardent pizza lover, the first you would like to taste in London is a pasta pizza but why not take a start from having a full English breakfast. It is an inexpensive yet the tastiest British breakfast. When we say the full English, it means you have to order a dish that includes everything from toasts, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes to mushrooms and sausages.

Fish And Chips

Golden Union is the best-selling point for having a massive bucket of fish and chips. Always packed with tourists, this is the place that serves freshly caught fish. Chips always make a good combination with pizza, so look into the various pizza deals and give yourself a taste sensation that you never had before.

Sunday Roast

This is another British classic. If you are already planning to go to a pizza pasta restaurant, reserve it for another day and dedicate this Sunday to taste their traditional Sunday roast with Yorkshire Pudding. It can be availed with turkey, beef, chicken, lamb as well as veggies. Ask them to add a Yorkshire pudding in your order and you are going to give your taste buds a yummy treat.

Welsh Tea Bread

Made from spices and dried fruits, Welsh tea bread is a British classic. If you are visiting London, make sure that you have this tea before the trip ends. They serve it warm and in the form of thick slices. Ask any local about the best-selling point of Welsh tea bread and head towards it straight away. We bet you will thank us later.

Eton Mess

It is a must-have dessert, a British classic treat. Having a perfect blend of strawberries, cream, and crushed merangue, Elton Mess is going to be your best experience if you love eating desserts with strawberries.

Toffee Pudding

It is a sticky pudding with raisins or dates soaked in a toffee sauce. When you order a sticky toffee pudding, you will feel like yelling with joy just after the first bite of this moist sponge cake served with ice-cream or custard.  Simply delicious! What else you want?

Beef Wellington

No other dish in the list has a British name like this one. Beef Wellington is a classic British dish that is made up of fillet steak. You are going to find it unique in taste as they wrap it in a puff pastry before cooking.


Made from sheep’s organs, it is a classic Scottish sausage that they take pride in. Filled with oatmeal, onion, and suet, it is a Scottish obsession. Give it a try when you are in London.


It is a drink made from fermented apples. More than 45% of the apples that they grow in the United Kingdom, are used in making Cider. So, it would be safe to say that this is their favorite alcoholic drink. It is a must to take a shot of cider when you are in London.

Compulsory Tea

Our list of London favorites in food is not complete until we include the afternoon tea. Usually, they have tea three times a day but afternoon tea is an ultimate British tradition. Reserve your seat in advance because all tea spots are fully packed in the afternoon. Arrive early and enjoy a cup of tea along with finger sandwiches.

Final Say!

London may not on your list of the cities to visit once in a lifetime but if you are a food enthusiast, do give this city a try and we bet you are going to adore all its food options. In additional perks, you will get a chance to spot royals and exploring the various historical museums as well as defying the heights of the London Eye.

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