10 Reasons to Camp in the Winter

One camping myth that has been busted for many years now is that people could not go camping during winter. This is inaccurate because winter, just like summer, has a lot to offer campers, especially in Australia.

If you have not tried camping during the cold season, then you are truly missing out. If you’re still not sold to the idea, here are 10 reasons to go camping in the winter.

1. Fewer insects and snakes in the cold

Insects and snakes cannot stand the cold. This is why most animals you avoid during camping are in full hibernation mode. The cold is basically diapause for insects, which means most are waiting for the climate to warm up, before they become active. Less insects and snakes will give you a better peace of mind when you go out to the wild, especially if you have ophidiophobia and entomophobia. You don’t have to worry that mosquitoes will keep following you around or that a snake will emerge from a bush.

2. Time to upgrade your gear

The gear and equipment you have for summer camping might not hold up that much during winter. Winter camping gives you a reason to go shopping for new camping gear, apparels, tent, equipment, and more. Whilst you’re at it, make sure you get one of those cool LED flashlights with a matching paracord bracelet.

3. Magnificent night sky

The night sky in Australia during winter is simply breathtaking. You should not miss some rare night sky treats during winter, and the best site to witness them is the Outback. As there are also fewer bugs, you can lay down using a thermal sleeping bag instead of a camping mattress. It is worth buying a thermal sleeping bag with polyester fibre to keep you warm during the night.

4. Smaller crowd

There are fewer campers during winter, as many people cannot stand the sub-zero temperature. Some prefer the warmth and comfort of their home during this season. However, you can also enjoy the cool outdoors if you know what to do. The fewer people there are in the wild, the more you can enjoy an intimate and memorable experience with nature.

5. Better campfire

If you think that building a campfire during regular camping is fun, wait until you see what it’s like during the cold. You will better appreciate the warmth of campfire in the snow. It is not true that lighting up a campfire during winter is close to impossible. It is actually very easy with the right tools and resources. If you want to make things easier, why not get yourself a portable outdoor fire pit or maybe a portable fire stove, for cooking and heat?

6. The snow

Snow looks better in the outdoors. There are things you cannot just do in snow in front of your neighbours in the city. Kids especially are going to have an amazing time throwing snowballs, riding snow sleighs, and forming snow angels. Just make sure to cover the young ones with the right camping apparel.

7. Magnificent beasts

This may sound a bit odd, but some people in Australia go camping to spot and take pictures of animals. The cold brings more animals out, especially those that are capable of adapting to the cold weather. If you are lucky, you can even spot some kangaroos and wallabies hopping on snow. It is best not to track and spook these animals. All you have to do is watch from a distance and marvel at how amazing nature and its beloved creatures are.

8. Health benefits

Camping in the cold will help you a lot with your back pain and will help you get your sleep cycle back in place. As the cold makes back pains worse, it is best to exercise during this time. Although it is hard to move around under the cool temperature, camping allows you to become more active, which is a remedy for back pains. It sounds like a lot of work but it is surely worth it. According to studies, two days of winter camping will help you reset your circadian rhythm. This means you can establish a better sleep cycle.

9. A great photo-op

Camping is all about making the best memories with the people you love. If you like taking pictures of you with family and friends, then you are in for a treat. Think about the snow-covered terrain, the trees, and the campfire. You can even have a little photoshoot and the best part is, you don’t need a photographer to do it for you. Just find the right spot, do a pose, and click away. You might also want to bring a selfie stick for memorable images. Make sure to get one with the night sky in the background for your social media profile picture.

10. Improved camping skills

Winter camping, compared to regular camping, takes more effort and will really teach you an extra thing or two. You will be able to understand the concept of safety measures. You will also observe and better understand your body as it gets more accustomed to the winter activities. The next time you go camping, you’re going to be the coolest.

Do you want to give winter camping a try? If you do, you are going to need the right gear for the job. OutbaxCamping can help you prepare with the best quality gear and equipment for outdoor activities. The items you need are just a phone call away. Enjoy the winter experience!

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