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10 Reasons to Visit Sydney

1. Sydney has always been a city that tourists love to visit.This comes as no surprise due to the numerous things it has to offer. To begin with, there is the wonderful Bondi beach, which might be the most famous one in the world. Its golden sandy surface is packed with surfers and swimmers. In its vicinity, there’s also the Campbell parade, a beautiful cultural suburb.

2. Lovers of stunning architectural landmarks love to come do Sydney so as to be able to take a closer look at the wonderful Sydney Opera House. This masterpiece of modern architecture is indeed one of Sydney’s best-loved destinations.

3. The city is brimming over with amazing galleries and museums. Most of them are located near the city centre and thus easily found. Some of these are the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Australian Museum and Australian National Maritime Museum.

4. Medical tourism is also well-developed due to Sydney’s numerous clinics that perform various procedures, ranging from plastic surgery all the way to complex dental work. The technology used in these procedures is of utmost quality in Australia and the standards of medical facilities are also great.

5. All animal lovers should visit the Featherdale Wildlife park. If you’re travelling to the Blue Mountains, it is a great way to make a break from the journey and rest for some time in the company of wonderful animals, including the well-known and loved koalas.

6. One of the city’s best assets is the laser clinic Sydney, where both men and women can undergo procedures such as laser hair removal at very reasonable prices. Many clients choose these clinics due to the fact that they are experts in what they do and their permanent solutions are suitable for all skin types and age groups.

7. A location that shouldn’t be missed is definitely the Sydney Harbour. Some argue that it is the most beautiful harbour in the whole world and it is indeed well-protected from winds blowing off-shore and is also visually stunning, with some parts of it being remarkably deep. It would be an understatement to say that it is a wonderful natural asset to a city that is stunning in its own right.  Numerous estates have been built lately and the harbour is now indeed a lively melting pot of gorgeous scenery and bustling life.

8. It is a city that is well-loved both by adults and children thus making it a great travel destination for the whole family. Parents can enjoy its numerous landmarks and natural assets, whereas kids can embark on a wonderful adventure starting from the city’s permanent fairground called Luna Park and finish in Taronga Zoo, which is located on a cliff overlooking the Harbour Bridge.

9. Yet another stunning harbour is the Darling Harbour. Combined with a visit to Chinatown, it indeed makes for a wonderful cultural and visual experience. The harbour is the result of a huge redevelopment project that took place in the second half of the 20th century and is now the location of the stunning Aquarium, the Maritime and Powerhouse museums and the Cockle Bay, just to name a few.

10. All those who decide to visit the city so as to partake in its stunning architecture should not miss a visit to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is the world’s largest steels arch bridge and every visitor is taken aback by its size and visual beauty. I was opened in 1932 and since then it has served as a wonderful attraction, both for tourists as well as for the citizens of the city.

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