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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Philippines in Photos

Philippines is one of the most popular tourist attraction. From year to year Philippines becomes more and more popular. Philippines is a island country in Southeast Asia. Its a country with more then 7000 islands. The capital city of Philippines is Manila. The population of Philippines is more then 98 million people. The climate in Philippines is tropical and most of the time is hot. The Philippines define by its gorgeous beaches, awesome rice fields, traditional food, paradise islands, diverse wildlife, rich flora and fauna and natural wonders. Some of the most popular natural wonders are: The Chocolate Hills, Mayon Volcano, Pagsanjan Falls and The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

Its time to start thinking where you want to spent your summer vacation. Philippines is one of the best places for summer vacation for you and for your family. If you want to enjoy in the paradise beaches, or you are lover of traditional food or you want to explore natural wonders you definitely must go to the Philippines. Also Philippines is one of the most cheapest country for visit.

In this article we presented to you a collection of 10 fairy tale photos of  places you should visit if you decide to go to Philippines.Enjoy!

Barracuda Lake

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Bulog Dos Island, Coron

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Cambugahay Falls

Image By Reuel Mark Delez Via Flickr

Coron Rock Formations

Image By Doun Via Flickr

Hinagdanan Cave, Panglao, Bohol

Image By Doun Via Flickr

Malaroyroy Island, Coron

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Shangri-la Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Twin Lagoon

Image By nucksfan604 Via Flickr

Villa Palawan

Image By Agustin Rafael Reyes Via Flickr

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