10 Thoughts That Every Traveller Has When They Visit Ireland

Ireland is an incredibly popular location for so many tourists of all ages. The country is attractive due to its beautiful landscapes, great places to eat and of course, copious amounts of alcohol.

Not to forget, Irish people are some of the nicest in the world, and whenever you visit their homeland, they’re always sure to make you feel welcome. Anyone who’s visited Ireland is sure to have these thoughts after their first trip visiting the Emerald Isle!

Potatoes are available everywhere

It’s a bit of a stereotype, but you’re never far from a tasty portion of hot potatoes in Ireland. Potato soup, potato cake, potato bread and potato casserole – they’ll find any way to introduce potatoes to any meal!

St. Patrick’s Day cannot be missed

St. Patrick’s Day is famous the world over, and for most, it’s an excuse to get incredibly intoxicated. In Ireland this celebration creates a festival feeling around the country, with parades moving around the local towns. Be prepared to see more four-leaf clovers and tricolour flags than ever before in your life.

People in Ireland sometimes have the first Monday of a month off

In the UK they have eight days a year which are classed as Bank Holidays which traditionally banks and other businesses closed on. Although most businesses now stay open, it means that everyone still gets extra time off work to party and rest!

Live music is as popular as you’d expect

Before travelling to Ireland, you might have ideas of drinking in pubs and bars with live music playing. Well, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that most bars do have great musicians playing live for you to enjoy.

You’re guaranteed to have a good night out on any day of the week

Tourists visit Ireland to have a good night out, and the Irish love a wild one too. Fortunately, this means that the town or city you visit will always be busy with a great atmosphere, even on a Monday night! As always, you should be careful not to injure yourself after a drink or two. If you are unlucky and do have an accident, travel insurance will protect you against any medical bills. It’s worth investigating cheaper travel insurance quotes from a renowned Irish insurance website like Theaa.ie, for example.

Chip shops are loved by all

We’ve already discussed that the Irish love potatoes, so it comes as no surprise that Chips Shops are famous all over the country. Perfect for soaking up alcohol or keeping you full when exploring!

Driving isn’t particularly popular

Most Irish people are situated in or near a City for work. This often means that public transport arrives frequently, so driving isn’t anywhere near as popular as it is in other parts of the world.

It can take a while to get used to the accent

Almost everyone will agree that the Irish accent is lovely to listen. However, some people’s accent can be so strong that it’s difficult to understand at times. Everyone gets used to it though.

Good craic is mandatory

Craic is a term often used by the Irish to mean ‘dun’. If you’re ever described as good craic, it means that you’re a good laugh and you should feel honoured.

When will it stop raining?

Ireland isn’t blessed with great weather due to the natural climate. When the sun does come out, it’s mandatory to buy a drink and chill out in a beer garden somewhere.

Ireland is a popular travelling destination due to its vibrant culture and laid-back atmosphere. With so many lovely towns and cities located across the country, every tourist should visit at least once in their life.

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