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10 Most Unforgettable Things to do in India

India is one of the most vibrant and happening destinations on Earth. With something for every traveller in its store, this pulsating country provides for an unmatched holiday experience. With its umpteen number of activities ranging from nature walks to wildlife tours to adventure experiences to heritage and cultural tours, India proves its tagline of ‘Incredible India’ at every point. For an unforgettable Indian holiday experience, some of the following activities are a must on the itineraries of every traveller from within and outside of India.

Be Part of a Vivacious Festival

India is one of the most vibrant and colourful destinations on earth. Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of the country’s cultures and traditions. These carnivals and festivities not only reflect true spirits of the Indian society but also lets you be part of the limitless fun, frolic and merry-making. Get soaked in some gulaal during ‘Holi’, burst a firecracker during ‘Diwali’, watch decked up elephants marching through a huge procession during a ‘Temple Festival’ or witness a true spectacle of Rajasthani culture during the famous ‘Pushkar Fair’ – the list goes on. So, come and be part of this unforgettable and exciting journey to India.

Satiate Your Adrenaline Rush by Indulging in an Adventure Activity

India is blessed with a plethora of landscapes that makes the country one of the favourite destinations for adventure lovers. Where at one end, Himalayas provide perfect ambience for adventure sports like trekking and mountain climbing, the other end with its pristine beaches at Goa and Andaman, gives ample opportunities for indulging in the fun of water-sports. White water river rafting on the strong rapids of Ganges, a tandem joyride of paragliding on the table tops of Mahabaleshwar, camel safaris on golden Thar desert of Jaisalmer or skiing on the white canvas of snow in Auli; adventure activities in India are an ideal way to discover and experience India with a different perspective.

Get Awed with the Artistic Splendours of Indian Heritage Sites

Historical monuments, cultural heritage sites, and nature’s artistic wonders are in abundance in India. These sites not only remind us of a rich and glorious past of India but also significantly bring India on the world’s heritage map. Be it the eternal symbol of the love, the world-famous ‘Taj Mahal’, the architectural splendours of ‘Rani ki Vav’, ruins of ‘Hampi’ depicting stories of artistic brilliance of the craftsmen and artisans of the bygone era, the erotic sculptures and figures of the ‘Khajuraho Temples’ or the rock-carved temples of ‘Mahabalipuram’ – you are bound to get awed with such genius pieces of Indian heritage.

Embark on a Spiritual Journey

Also known as a land of temples and holy rivers, one of the most memorable activity to do in India is to get on with a tour of its uncountable religious sites that are actually the soul of India. Take a pilgrim tour to ‘Amarnath Ji’, embark on the holy journey of the ‘Char Dham Yatra’, soak your souls in the echoing chants of the ‘Ganga Aarti’ on the ghats of Haridwar or Varanasi, experience an extreme silence in the monasteries of Ladakh,Sikkim or Bodhgaya, observe Sufi rituals at the holy ‘Dargah Sharif’ in Ajmer, experience a self-consciousness at the ‘Golden Temple’ in Amritsar or pay homage in ‘Tirupati Balaji’ and ‘Meenakshi Amman’ temples of South India. These pilgrim tours not only help you achieve an inner peace, happiness and a spiritual bliss but also give you an insight into the spiritualistic and Vedic history of India.

Explore the Wildlife Trails of a Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sightseeing tour forms one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences that one can have in India. With its immense variety of wildlife that includes hundreds of species of wild animals and birds, a tour in one of the wildlife reserves helps you discover the enigmatic habitats of these wild beasts. Be it sighting the Royal Bengal Tigers in the mysterious woods of ‘Sunderbans’, embarking on an exciting jungle safari in the ‘Bandhavgarh National Park’, watching the Indian one horned Rhino taking leisurely swims in the swamps of the ‘Kaziranga National Park’, coming face to face with an Asiatic Lion at the ‘Gir National Park’ or enjoying an elephant ride in the ‘Periyar Wildlife Reserve’ – each experience is sure to leave you with goose bumps.

Discover India through a Train Ride

For an ultimate out of the world experience, taking a train journey in India is one of the most essential and memorable things to do. A train tour lets you uncover the vibrancy, liveliness and spirits of true India. Get on a local train journey to have a face-off with the lifestyle of a common man or embark on a luxury rail tour to discover the kaleidoscopic sights, historical monuments, ornate temples and wildlife reserves of India. Even the experience of the toy-train rides is something you will cherish for your lifetime.

Take a Stroll through a Bustling Indian Bazaar

The magic of India comes to life with its bustling and happening bazaars. Whether it’s the narrow and crowded lanes of Chandni Chowk, choked alleyways of Jaipur and Jodhpur, winding Mall Roads of the hill stations, spice bazaars of South India, noisy pavement bazaars of Lucknow or the posh markets of Chandigarh – a stroll through these markets give you a lifetime pleasure of shopping. Ranging from jewellery, clothes, spices, handicrafts and home decoration pieces, everything under the sun is available in these markets.

Satiate Your Taste Buds with a Divine Culinary Experience

Food in India is an amalgamation of its diverse ethnic groups and cultures. With a diverse variety of cuisine ranging from sweet, spicy and tangy; an Indian palette maintains a perfect balance in its flavours. From gorging on to the mouth-watering street food of Delhi, savouring the delicious and spicy food of Rajasthan to devouring on the sweet and subtle flavours of Gujarat; a food journey in India is sure to leave your taste buds with an unforgettable experience. A culinary experience in India remains incomplete without relishing on the world-famous ‘Rosogullas’ of Bengal.

Soak Yourself in a Rejuvenating Experience of Yoga and Meditation amidst the Hills

Hill stations are one of the favourite destinations for travellers, holiday seekers and couples in India. With captivating scenic vistas, green meadows, fresh mountain air and salubrious weather, the hill stations make for a perfect escapade for the people looking out for some relaxation away from the hustle-bustle of the cities. The hill stations in India not only give you an ideal break but also help you have a connection with the celestial power and your inner self owing to the presence of various temples and monasteries in these hills. What makes a hill station experience most memorable in India is indulging yourself in yoga and meditation amidst pristine beauty, forgetting all your worries and tensions. Nowhere else in the world, one can get such a divine experience.

Walk the Coastline of an Indian beach, Watching the Sun turning the Horizon in its Golden Hues

India easily gets on to the destination list of beach holiday lovers owing to its long stretches of beautiful coastline. From enjoying laid-back breaks to indulging in the fun of water sports to dancing on the foot-tapping beats of a beach party, beaches of India will give you everything you are looking for during a beach holiday. Mesmerizing beauty of the palm fringed beaches, serene sunset and an exotic cuisine is something that makes a beach holiday in India an unforgettable experience.

There are far too many activities apart from the ones mentioned above, but these truly are the ones that are worth experiencing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday experience in India.

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