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10 Ways You Can Earn Money While You’re Travelling

Travelling around the world is an amazing experience, but many people feel as though they can’t afford to take off and go sightseeing. Thanks to the internet though, you can earn money while you’re on the move. It’s easier than you think, and can help you fund your adventures while you’re away from home. Here’s ten ways you can make money while you’re travelling.

Sell your photos

If you’re travelling abroad, you’re sure to have some amazing photos. Why not sell them and make some cash? There’s plenty of stock photo websites, such as Shutterstock, that would happily buy them from you. You’ll be taking photos anyway, so you’ll be getting paid for something you’re doing for fun. What could be better than that?

Become a tutor

Tutoring has never been easier. If you have an expertise in a certain subject, then tutoring sites are crying out for people like you. Sign up with sites such as Online Assignment Help and Best Australian Writers, and you can help students all over the world with their studies. You can do everything through your computer too, so you don’t need a lot of equipment to get started.

Travel blogging

Blogs may be a dime a dozen these days, but you can make money if you find your own niche. Focus in on one aspect of your travels that may be interesting to others.” Perhaps you’re trying to travel in a certain country on a budget, or you’re trying to visit a certain amount of destinations while you’re away. Find that niche and stick to it. Make sure to use ads on your site, and you could make a good amount of cash. Try using WordPress to get the best results,” says Mary Walton from Simple Grad.

Write for academic sites

Are you a student, or have you recently graduated? Then don’t throw away your notes just yet. You can make good money writing example essays and other pieces for other students who are struggling. Sites such as UK Top Writers and Dissertation Writing Services offer students help with their assignments, so sign up with them as a writer and you can make money than you’d think.

Edit and help with resumes

Do you have a good eye for what makes a resume great? Then you can actually make money writing resumes for others. Clients can just email you their personal and job info, and you can craft that into a resume for cash.


Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses you’ll have while you’re travelling. House-sitting is a great way to avoid those costs by caring for someone else’s home while they’re away. You may just score a free bed to sleep in at the end of the day, but you could even get paid to look after that home. If you’re interested, look at what’s available on Trusted Housesitters and other similar sites.

Become a freelance proofreader

Do you have excellent proofreading and editing skills? Then you can make money checking other people’s work while you’re on the move. There’s plenty of people out there who need another person to look over their writing, and catch the mistakes that they missed. If you think this would be a good job for you, you could sign up with a site such as Grade On Fire. This site is a writing community where writers can come to get their work proofread and critiqued. You could also use sites such as Easy Word Count to help you get the job done.

Become a tour guide

If you’ve been in the same place for a while, you could begin to make money by showing other travellers around. You can visit some of your favourite destinations and get paid for it! To get started, try signing up with an agency such as Show Around, and start working with other travellers.

Develop online tools

Are you handy with code? Then all you’ll need is your laptop and an internet connection to start creating online tools. If you have a good idea, such as the people behind Cite It In, then you could make some good money on your creations.

Work remotely

Not sure whether you can quit your job and go travel? Maybe you can still travel while keeping your job. Many people now work remotely, so ask your employer if that’s something they can offer to you. Who knows, maybe you can soak up the sun in an exotic locale and get those reports filed on time?

These are just ten ideas to get you started, there are actually hundreds of ways you can make money while you travel. Give these a try, and you’ll see that earning while you travel gives you a lot more freedom.

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