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11 Best Countries to Combine Traveling and Studying Abroad

Combining studying and traveling abroad almost sounds like an impossible dream. In the quest for employment, employers today seek out students who have a unique and fresh perspective on life. Studying abroad is a fantastic way to develop your academic, social and language skills. Universities nowadays have also become flexible, offering online degrees. Completing your course from any part of the world has become doable and enjoyable at the same time.

Here are 11 top study destinations which combine higher education systems, unique culture and exhilarating study abroad experience:

United Kingdom

The UK has a wide range of quality universities. London is the favorite of many; the only downside to this is the schools are a bit pricey. To go around this, you can seek out scholarship opportunities and if lucky, you can get accepted and enjoy studying in the capital. In the UK, getting bored is not an option as there are uncountable galleries, clubs and restaurants and additionally, sprawling green spaces which can rival New York.

United States

The idea of pursuing your American dream is thrilling, thus making the US unique to other rival countries. Boston is among the famous cities with two of the most popular universities in the world, Harvard and MIT. You can travel to Los Angeles which boasts a large foodie scene with innovating restaurants. If you’re up for an artsy scene and pop up galleries, then you’ll not be frustrated. The city is also known for its vastly colossal film and television industry. If you’re lucky, you can even bump into your favorite actor or actress.


German is mostly recognized among the European countries as a destination that offers free university tuition. Munich and Berlin are known to be among the most cultured cities in Europe! Berlin is recognized as a tech hub and highbrow metropolis. Munich is known for Oktoberfest, and the town offers chances to explore the traditional Bavarian culture.


In Canada, expect to explore stunning landscapes and massive regional variations. It is the second largest country in the world with breathtaking geographical features. The country has multicultural culture, it’s multilingual and has internationally ranked universities. The most significant city is Toronto which is a leading financial center. We also have Montreal which is home to the respectable McGill University.


Sweden is known to be among the most advanced countries in the world. A high quality of life is also another famously known factor of the country. Good safety, natural beauty and cleanliness are qualities to expect. The country has a robust education system which encourages its students to apply their knowledge by becoming independent thinkers and being creative in their own ways.


Paris, the French capital, has consistently been holding it at the top of the list of cities that are best for studying abroad. It has the most fashionable and appreciated cultural heritages with a combination of well-ranked universities which offer low tuition fees and iconic architecture. France has always been the first choice for many students. Although most of the undergraduate teaching is carried out in French, graduate education is usually available in English. Learning the language is highly encouraged which is a plus to one’s educational qualifications.


In the System Strength Ranking, Italy has been ranked 13th in the world. When you think of Italy, the only thing that comes to mind is its rich history and being home to some of the oldest and prominent universities. If you travel to Rome, its capital and the largest city, you will experience both old and new, rich culture. The heritage of the country is fascinating with scenic landscapes and cities. The city is also famous for its eccentric cuisine. If your interest lies in history or classical literature, then you cannot go wrong with Italy.


The nation cultural capital Melbourne has plenty to offer. It includes incredible nature, constant sunshine, a relaxed outdoors lifestyle and breathtaking sandy beaches. With these features, the country has become one of the world’s most famous destinations to visit. Considering its somewhat small population, Australia has a high number of learning institutions. All of their universities are quite accommodating, and they accept international students from all over the world. It has 7 international ranked universities that you can choose from.


When you talk about China, food and culture come to mind. There are so many benefits that you acquire if you choose to take your studies here. China is a vast country which has 33 provinces; each of these provinces is like a small country which has its own unique culture, making traveling there a never a dull experience. If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone, then studying in this country is the leap to take! The advantage of studying in this country is its affordability as the cost of leaving is famously cheap. The cost of travel, food, and drinks is affordable enabling students to live a lavish lifestyle without spending so much money.


Japanese capital Tokyo is a definition of studying abroad in a big way. It is the home of 10 internationally ranked universities in the world. No other capital comes bigger and busier than Tokyo. The bright neon lights of the city are famous and have since become an attraction of the country. It is packed with opportunities to explore both contemporary and traditional culture.


Are you a lover of carnivals? Then you can opt to study abroad in Brazil, the fifth largest both geographical area (3,287,597 square miles) and population (approximately 210 million). The country has a vibrant culture and is known to be a home to some of the friendliest people in the world. Rio de Janeiro, a vast seaside city, is a must visit city whether it’s for educational purposes or leisure. There are a lot of activities that one can indulge in from sunrise to sunset. You can visit its famous beaches, do rock climbing, hikes or go sightseeing in the daytime. At night, you can enjoy its culinary scene which is packed with cuisines from all over the world. If you’re one to enjoy partying, then Rio’s nightlife cannot disappoint. The streets are usually closed down and live music is played for both the locals and the tourists to enjoy.


Studying abroad is more than acquiring academic qualifications. Whether it’s for a semester or the entire university program, you will attain life skills that will always market you better than your competitors. Combining travel and education is a practice that graduate students should try to archive.

The question now remains, where you would like to travel and study abroad?

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