11 Delicacies You must Taste in Turkey

Have you recently ticked off the mountain hike that was one of your dream destinations? Well, now it’s time to do something different and unique. How about going on a food trail in Turkey? It will prove to be an experience that you will never go to forget in the future.

Turkey has always been a country rich with the historical glimpse, architecture and culinary elements. With the touch of modernization and frequent visits from people all over the world for exploring the raw beauty of the country, it has turned into the most exciting tourist spots in the world.

People searching for unique food or travelers trying to experience the beauty of any particular place through its delicacies have always kept Turkey on their priority list. Do you wish to know the reason for such immense love for Turkish food?

Check out some of the most famous delicacies of Turkey that will help you to know the country in a better way.

Iskender Kebab

As you visit the Northwest part of Turkey, you are sure to come across one of the most popular dishes in Turkey that is the Iskender Kebab. It is served with the traditional Turkish bread. It is a lamb dish where the slices of lamb meats are organized on the plate with tomato sauce all over it. Along with the bread, a bowl full of yogurt is also served with to enhance the brilliance of the dish. It is not only delicious but the presentation of the plate is so mouthwatering that anyone can hardly resist the food once it is served.

Baklava – the sweet enchantment

In the case, you are fond of trying out different dessert dishes; Baklava is undoubtedly the one for you. It is a delightful dish where the slices of flaky pastries are organized on the top of one another. The pastries have finely chopped nuts filled it. A sweet syrup is being poured from the top until it entirely covers the food from the head. During Ottoman Empire, this particular dessert was to be considered as one of the most exclusive dishes of all, and now it can be found on every street of Turkey. The best part of trying this dish out is you can have it any way you wish, and your taste buds will still feel the same.

Apple Tea – God’s Nectar to be precise

The apple tea, found in all the significant cafes and restaurants of Turkey is called God’s nectar for good reasons. It tastes amazingly sweet. It is considered as a traditional welcoming drink among the Turkish people. As you go to anyone’s house or you make your entry to a shop, the hosts will welcome with this unique tea.

Pide – the very own pizza of Turkey

There is probably no food lover in the world who does not love pizza. Turkish people have designed the pizza in their way, adding their personal touch to it. They call their pizza in the name of ‘Pide’. The concept for this dish is similar to the regular pizzas. Prepared in a huge burning oven, a combination of meat, chicken, vegetables and cheese are used as the topping for the Pide. Soft yet crusty, this particular dish will delight you from the core.

Gozleme – A perfect on the go snack

If you want to grab something on the go, Gozleme is undoubtedly the answer for you. It is an ideal snack that you will quickly find in any of the street side shops around Turkey. A flatbread made of hand-mixed dough with a lot of vegetables along with meat inside, it is undoubtedly an ecstasy of different flavors. The flatbread is baked and grilled after sealed from all the sides. One bite of this fantastic snack and you are in the heaven of delight.

Karniyarik – A unique meal

Just like the name, the preparation of this meal is distinct and unique in its way. A big eggplant is used for the preparation, where the stuffing inside is replaced by the combination of onion, ground meat, tomatoes, black pepper and parsley. The fantastic meal is filling for one person when served with Pilaf, another traditional food of Turkey.

Rosewater – the welcome drink

Among the most popular welcoming drinks, a lot of Turkish people may offer you a glass of rosewater, made of Damascus roses, available in plenty around Turkey. The rose is famous for being extensively used for creating perfume. However, you will miss the delightful flavor of it in the case you don’t taste it once.

Kofte – Meatballs with a twist

Turkish meatballs dipped in delicious tomato sauce; Kofte is available in all the major restaurants around Turkey. You can also find this delicacy stuffed eaten as a sandwich by the local Turkish people.

Borek – The Turkish Pie

You will find Borek in any of the bakeries around Turkey. Meat, cheese, spinach and potatoes are usually used as the filling of the pie. You can try the Su Borek and Sigara Borek to have a taste of the two major types. The best part is you can try this dish in your breakfast menu as well as your evening snack.

Simit – cheapest snack

A perfect combination of pretzel and a bagel, it is one of the most economical snacks of Turkey found in the streets of Turkey. Made with sesame seeds, you can have simit with cheese, jam or even Nutella for that fantastic taste.

Manti – dedicated to pasta lovers

Last but not the least, if you are in Turkey and did not have a bite of Manti, you are falling behind. Dumplings filled with beef and meat with yogurt sauce on the top, it is a pleasurable delight for the pasta lovers.

There are more to this list. Book your tickets to the land of food and get some of the Turkish delicacies this time to secure a memorable experience you would possibly like to cherish forever.

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