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11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Italy

Definitely is one of the most popular tourist attraction in Europe. The capital and the largest city is Rome. It is located in Southern Europe. The population  is more than 60.92 million people. The climate  is Mediterranean.

The Italy is  defined by it’s gorgeous beaches, art treasure, trendy fashion, amazing landscapes, traditional food… Also it offers a lot of  beautiful places for exploring and enjoy in it.

The summer is approaching. Now it is perfect time to start thinking where you want to go for the summer vacation with your family. You want to enjoy in a breathtaking beaches, or you are lover of traditional food, or you want to explore the stunning landscapes? Also Italy is a country with a rich history and with amazing art. If you want to enjoy in all of these you definitely must go there.

Here you can see 11 of the most beautiful places you should visit.


Image By Nick Moulds Via Flickr

Faraglioni, Capri

Image By Mark Peters Via Flickr

Isola Bella, Taormina Messina, Sicilia

Image By gnuckx Via Flickr

 Italian Coastal Town, Capri

Image By John Dyer Via Flickr


Image By Elisa Dudnikova Via Flickr


Image By Lisa Elliott Via Flickr


Image By MorBCN Via Flickr


Image By Kerry Loggins Via Flickr

Sunset over Manarola

Image By Joel Bedford Via Flickr


Image By Kevin Gibbons Via Flickr

Villa del Balbianello -Luxury Villa on Lake Como

Image By Daniel Peckham Via Flickr

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