12 Beautiful Scenes of Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country located in the Horn of Africa. The largest and the capital is Addis Ababa. The oldest evidences of the modern human is found in Ethiopia, place which is considered a region from which the Homo Sapiens first set out for the modern world. Ethiopia nation is consisted of 80 different ethic groups. Two of the biggest ethic groups are Oromo and Amhara. This country is also the place where the coffee bean was found. Ethiopia is also one of the founding members of UN.

In Ethiopia there are many places that can be visited. Beside the traditions and the native people with their unique cloths will make the trip in Ethiopia unforgettable. The Simien Mountains are are a perfect place where you can enjoy the landscape that will take your breath away. It is also a great view to see the Erta Ale, the constantly active volcano. The many churches that are unique and the old cities with traditions are just the beginning of the beauties. The wildlife of Africa can also be found in Ethiopia and is a great sign of it.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Lalibela, Amhara

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Misty Simien Mountains and Giant Lobelia Forest

Image by Rod Waddington via Flickr

Awash, Afar

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Erta Ale, Addis Abeba

Image by filippo_jean via Flickr

Church of Bet Abba Libanos, Lalibela

Image by Alan via Flickr

Church of Bet Giyorgis, Lalibela

Image by Alan via Flickr

Gondar, Ethiopia

Image by Marc Veraart via Flickr

Royal Swimming Pool, Gondar

Image by hhesterr via Flickr

Old Town of Harar

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

Simien Lodge

Image by Alan via Flickr

The Chapel Of The Tablet, Axum

Image by Alan via Flickr

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