12 Interesting Things to Set Up in Your Backyard This Summer

Finally the weather is good. Did you go somewhere yet? Are you planning your next couple of free days for unforgettable time? Any good ideas you want to share with us? Ok so YourAmazingPlaces decided to share some ideas how to set up your backyard.

Some of them may be expensive to buy, some of them you may do it all by yourself. In this article you can see some great swingers for your backyard, or make funny lawn sprinklers to get your kids occupied during the hot days. The great tool and idea how to organize your BBQ, or even make a great adventurous tree house for an amazing backyard. Well isn’t it great when during the hot days you will be by a steady stream of the river? Here you can see a great idea how to do that in your backyard.

In the long hot days, if you have a big backyard and you can afford some budget, you can build a pool and add some great water games. And during nights imagine staying with your friends near a firepit and making some great s’mores.

Please consider these ideas, and give some suggestions in comments of many other interesting things. Dont forget to check some more ideas here or here.

Cacoon Double

You can buy it here

The Ultimate Sprinkler

Get directions here

King Isosceles Sculptural Firebowl

You can buy it here

Climbing Walls for treehouses, adventures, fun and gardens

You can buy it here

Swing and Spin Swing

You can buy it here

Floating Target Catch Game

You can buy it here

A Zipline

Buy the kit here

A Backyard Stream

Photo by Liaigre

Copper Rain Shower

More info here

Maverick BBQ Accessory Organize

You can buy it here

45 Gallons Rain Barrel

You can buy it here

Unique Fire and water feature

More info here

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