12 Stunning Photos of Crans-Montana, Switzerland

The two neighboring ski resort Crans and Montana are located in the heart of Switzerland Alps on attitude of 1500 m over the Rhone Valley. Together they form one of the biggest holidays destinations not only in Valais but in whole Europe. Crans-Montana is a sun-drenched plateau, being a white pearl in the winters and a green heaven in the summers.

From these beautiful twin towns, Crans-Montana, you can observer mountain chains from Matterhorn to Mont Blanc. The landscapes that Crans- Montana offers are very idyllic and expansive. One of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Alps are here.

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So what can you do in summers in Crans-Montana? The most attractive summer activities on the Swiss Alps are hiking, tennis and squash. Crans-Montana also has facilities for canyoning, mountain climbing, water skiing and paragliding. Mount-biking and down-hill mountain biking is also attractive. Whether you go hiking near the Plaine Morte glacier plateau or you decide to take your bike for some mountain ride it is guaranteed that you will have a great time.

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Crans-Montana also has a long golfing tradition. The 18-hole Severiano Ballesteros Golf Course is situated near Crans and it is a unique place in the world where the international elite meets every year for some tournaments.

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In the winters Crans-Montana has 10%-15% more people. It is like this because these twins towns are one of the most beautiful ski resort in the world. The ski trails stretches from the high peaks up to 300 m height on Plaine Morte Glacier. The golf fields in winters are a real paradise for the cross-country skiing.

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To sum up why you should go in Crans-Montana regardless of the time of the year, you should check this out.

Golf: 18-hole Severiano Ballesteros and 9-hole Jack Nicklause golf courses offers unique and breathtaking views from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc.

Plaine Mote: glacier that stretches for 10 square km at an altitude of 3000 m, which is great attraction in the summers.

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Mountain Bike: Crans-Montana offers 117 km of marked pistes, two downhill runs and the Kona- Bikeark.

Sierra: This town is the one with most sunny town in Switzerland and it is a poplar nearby excursion with many museums and stunning old quarters.

So what do you say about a good time spent in the Swiss Alps?

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