13 Delightful Snow Sceneries

Finally the spring has come. But for the winter lowers: Don’t worry after 3 more season it will come again. The snow is the representation of the “real” winter. When we say winter or if we say we love winter, that means we like the snowy landscapes, the frozen lakes, the white purity.

This year (2013-2014) the winter of the north hemisphere was somehow very different in every continent. As we know, the Europe was dry, sunny with spring temperatures and so little or somewhere no snow at all. The lovers of the winter sports didnt enjoy in whole their hobbies. In contrary, in America it was totally different. As it started snowing, in some places like Wisconsin, US or Illinois, US or in Canada, and it didn’t stop for more than 40 days. There was more than 3 meters of snow in some places.

But despite we love the winter and it’s white, frozen kingdom, or we are more like warm, beach people, we all must agree of the great landscapes that can be taken during the winter. The white forests, the icy leaves, frozen lakes and waterfalls are just a little detail to the winter scenery.

Syon Park Gardens London

Image by Simon Hadleigh-Sparks via Flickr

The Icy Part of the Waterfall

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

St. Stephen’s Green – Second Snowfall Of The Year 2010

Image by William Murphy via Flickr

Green and White, Montana

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Tyngsboro winter – Credit James Higgins

Image by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via Flickr

Pittsburgh in winter

Image by Navin Rajagopalan via Flickr

Grouse Mountain, Vancouver

Image by Andrea Schaffer via Flickr

The Waterfall Crevice, Iceland

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Frosty leaves

Image by Christine McIntosh via Flickr

Brody Plays in the Snow

Image by David Conger via Flickr

Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa in the snow

Image by barnyz via Flickr

Central Park, New York, US

Image by paula soler-moya via Flickr

Stonehill in the Snow, Donahue Hall, Massachusetts, US

Image by Jennifer Macaulay via Flickr

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