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13 Interesting Pumpkin Decorations for this Fall

It’s fall, or some prefer to call it autumn. It is time when we all want to decorate our home or yard with some red, orange, yellow, brown colors. A time when the pumpkins are grown and ready to be played with. During the decoration playtime with pumpkins we can get creative. An this creativity often ends up in creating pumpkin decorations for the upcoming holiday… The Halloween. The day when every house is decorated in a scary way. The day when kids, and the older ‘kids’, are allowed to wear every kind of costume. But lets not talk about Halloween.

There are many uses of the pumpkins. The first, decoration time. We can carve them and create different shapes. Put some candles in them and make them scary in the nights. Other idea is to do some painting on them, it is pretty good. You can see on the photos of this article. If you cut them don’t forget about the seeds. They are so tasty and also healthy. A best treat for the nights in front of the TV.

But why bother to cut the pumpkins if you don’t need them at the moment. Yes, they are tasty and can be used in salty meals or sweet. But if we have so much of them, why don’t we just arrange them and bring the autumn spirit in our homes or yards. Just a simple arrangement could transform your yard as a autumn kingdom.

If you are creative you can create some great sculptures in your yard and each of your friends will be jealous. Take a look at these arrangement, perfect, don’t you think? So did you decorate your home already for this autumn or for this Halloween? If not then its time for you to take action. Feel free to use these ideas or give us others.

All Photos on this article are under CC0 Public Domain License via Pixabay.

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