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13 Locations to Stargaze in US

Walking in the night and looking to the sky and wondering what is actually there? Well the simple answer could be, anything you can imagine. So you try to stargaze in your city but its almost impossible. The streetlights are not allowing you to do so. So you try going in the fields nearby or the forest but the sky is still not that dark. Well the best way to stargaze is to go some place that is far away from the place with lights and to be sure that the moon is not present or to be just as small as possible.

If you live in USA and you are addicted to stargaze, we recommend you 13 locations that are perfect to do so. Take a look, and if you have your own location you can share it in the comment and we can add it to this article.

Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

This is a 82-acre state park in Pennsylvania. It is considered to be one of the “darkest” places that are perfect for stargaze.

Image by steve eng via Flickr

Big Bend National Park, Texas

This is a massive park in the West Texas. Its not just a perfect spot for stargaze but the park has also gone that far to maintain its status as an IDA (International Dark-sky Association) park and change the lighting to shielded LEDs.

Image by Jeremy Zilar via Flickr

Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Natural Bridges National Park in Utah is one of the first IDA-certified parks n the States. It has one of the darkest skies in the world with almost zero light pollution.

Image by Natural Bridges National Monument via Flickr

Death Valley National Park, California

A park that is not only good for stargaze but also a dark place with a misery of self-propelling rocks.

Image by Trey Ratcliff via Flickr

Lake Superior, Marquette, Michigan

Lake Superior is a place in the north Michigan where it is dark and and in certain situations there can be seen the Northern Lights – Auroras.

Image by Greg Kretovic via Flickr

Blue Ridge Observatory and Star Park, North Carolina

It is the first IDA park in the southeast region of the States. It is nested in the Blue Ridge Mountains and it is a part of Mayland Community College.

Image by Alistair Nicol via Flickr

Big Pine Key, Florida

This place is located 100 miles away from Miami. Beside the little light pollution it has so many clear skies which allows it to be a great place for stargaze.

Image by Kim Seng via Flickr

Griffith Observatory, California

Los Angeles is not know as a great place for stargaze because of the lights, the Griffith Observatory is located on Mount Hollywood and is a great and free place to observe great astronomical wonders.

Image by Brendan Biele via Flickr

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico

This is not just a historical park, but it is also a dark place where with ease you can go camping and stargaze. It is one of the best places for stargaze in New Mexico.

Image by Alex Headman via Flickr

Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Hawaii as a state has the most locations for stargaze because of the little light pollution. Many of the spots on these islands are perfect to stare at the stars, but Mauna Kea is just the perfect one.

Image by Bill Shupp via Flickr

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

In this Nevada park you can see thousands of stars, multiple galaxies, five different planets and man-made satellites and the Milky way with just a naked eye during a clear night. The National Park Service is guaranteeing you this.

Image by NPCA Photos via Flickr

Acadia National Park, Maine

A place where the stars and the Milky way can be seen with a naked eye. A perfect location for stargaze.

Image by Bo Stern via Flickr

Denali National Park, Alaska

Alaska not having big cities is a location with low light pollution. Well all of Alaska is perfect for stargaze and observing the Milky way and the Auroras but we picked this place to be one of the best.

Image by Andy Putnam via Flickr

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